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With the universe's demand growing for flexible, efficient, sustainable, and future-proofed power supply options, our range can meet any application requirements - big or small, straightforward, or complex.

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Understanding the roles of power supply efficiency and power quality for industrial DC switched mode power supply, a white paper by WAGO

While power efficiency is very important, there is much more to consider when looking to achieve the highest level of overall power system efficiency and compatibility with other systems and the supply infrastructure.

  1. The evolution of industrial power supply.
  2. Switch mode power supplies.
  3. Look beyond power efficiency.
  4. The important role of power quality.
  5. Specifying a primary SMPS that minimises detrimental impact on the supply quality - WAGO's PRO 2.

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PRO 2 with 'Psychic' Super Powers




The Pro 2 series can predict potential issues with it's ‘Psychic‘ Super Powers –  Thanks to the optional snap-on type communication module real-time knowledge of operating conditions is possible including an overload pre-alarm.

CLASSIC with 'Protective Force Field'




The Classic series has the Power to Protect – thanks to optional TopBoost for fast downstream MCB tripping and the option of conformally coated PCBs, optimal protection is possible.


COMPACT with the Power to 'Transform and Mutate'

The Compact series has the Power to 'Transform and Mutate' to suit the installation. Compact product conforms to EN 43880 for installation in modular enclosures, furthermore these power supplies also meet the household electrical safety standard;  EN 60335-1.

ECB to 'Shield' your Power Supplies

Boost your protective powers with WAGO Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs). Benefiting from the accuracy of electronic current monitoring, a high level of DC system protection is achieved with space saving, easy remote signalling and reset capabilities built in. 

  • 'Psychic' Super Power


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  • 'Protective Force Field'


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  • Power to 'Transform and Mutate'


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  • 'Shield' your Power Supplies


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  • Superbot

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