Open Automation with WAGO

Your Connection to the Digital World of the IoT

Do you want to use your machines, systems and building data for monitoring and analysis in the cloud? Take advantage of our open solutions for an easy and secure connection. In a few steps, you have a site-independent overview of all the relevant information and can identify opportunities for optimization and initiate changes directly. You alone decide which cloud system to send your data to via MQTT – for example, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud or SAP Cloud.

In addition to cloud connectivity, WAGO Cloud offers you a ready-made solution platform for a wide variety of applications. You can analyze your data directly without IT knowledge and get information immediately, for example about machine faults.

The WAGO IoT Box offers both options combined in one hardware/software solution. Experience how you can send your data to the WAGO Cloud within a few minutes with the help of the configurable box and reuse it there.


Controllers PFC

Optimum performance and availability: Thanks to their ultra-high performance, low power consumption, numerous interfaces, space-saving design and high level of reliability, WAGO’s user-friendly controllers (PLCs) are cost-effective automation solutions.


WAGO Touch Panels 600

WAGO's Touch Panels 600 make simultaneous control and visualization possible. By using a corresponding library, these panels become IoT controllers that can send data from the field level to the cloud.



The WAGO IoT Box is a complete open solution for connecting existing machines, systems and buildings to the IT system. It can be connected to WAGO Cloud and serve as a gateway for existing production systems.


Cloud Connectivity

Data can be exchanged directly via the MQTT protocol with WAGO Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, the SAP Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud or other MQTT brokers.


WAGO Cloud

WAGO Cloud enables you to centrally collect and analyze machine data. With simple, user-friendly operation, it was developed so that even people without IT expertise can use it.


Cloud Integration

WAGO Cloud can be connected to other cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or the SAP Cloud via APIs (interfaces), so the collected data – from the WAGO IoT Box, for example – can flow directly to the existing cloud applications.



Incorporating WAGO IoT products into production allows easy direct use of machine data, whether in WAGO Cloud or in existing customer applications on other cloud platforms.

WAGO Cloud

WAGO Cloud gives you the option of collecting data from various machines and systems in a central location and analyzing it. Furthermore, you can manage and monitor all WAGO controllers, including your data and applications. With simple, user-friendly operation, the WAGO Cloud was developed so that people without extensive IT experience can use it.


Cloud Connectivity

It’s all about data: In the past, the technical data from the field made it through to the control levels at best. That’s changed now. Thanks to modern information technology, the most important information from production is no longer restricted to the classical automation pyramid, but is now available at any time and place. However, the technical conditions must be right for this. The WAGO PFC Controllers and Touch Panels 600 are equipped with cloud connectivity and transfer data to the WAGO Cloud – or to any other MQTT broker.


WAGO Analytics

When it comes to optimizing your own machines or systems, the challenge is usually to improve and quantify process knowledge and to transfer that back into the process. WAGO Analytics, the Minden-based company, supports users in data acquisition to analysis and provides intuitive visualizations of the dependencies in the systems.


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Customer Applications Related to the Cloud

Related to the Topic

Distribution Network in Real Time

SWO Netz GmbH, an incorporation of the Osnabrück municipal utility, is preparing for electrical distribution in the future by establishing a cloud project. The company, which is based in Lower-Saxony, uses WAGO technology to manage and analyze their data.

Digitization as the Basis for Sector Coupling

Sector coupling, digitization and customer orientation – these are the focus of the energy service provider Avacon Natur. They increase the efficiency of the energy systems and district heating networks and provide demand-driven information. Above all, sector coupling – integrated control for heat, electricity and electromobility – requires digital data acquisition.