Topics 2 August 2021
The Perfect Solution for Shops and Stores

There are many demands retailers have to satisfy in order to remain competitive. Cost-efficient store operation and high availability of the technical equipment help them do so.

Prerequisites for Cost-Efficient Store Operations

  • Lighting monitoring for showcasing goods
  • Centralized modification of operating parameters
  • Separate energy data collection (e.g., for shop-in-shop concepts)
  • Real-time information about fault and maintenance messages

Building and Property Management

The WAGO Solution for Shops and Stores

Fully Focused on the Core Business

But how can retailers manage these technical challenges alongside their day-to-day business? That’s where the WAGO solution for building and property management – a combination of pre-programmed application software and a cloud solution – comes into play. All the essential components for recording operating data and system statuses, data storage and backup and visualization are stored securely in the cloud. This allows convenient, location-independent, device-independent management of store locations via a modern Web visualization system – free of the need to maintain IT infrastructure maintenance or handle administrative system tasks.

Simple Configuration – No Programming

The advantages of the system already become clear during commissioning. The application can be configured via the intuitive user interface without any special knowledge of programming languages or additional tools, following the design principle of “configuration instead of programming.” All relevant functions are already included in the application software, including monitoring and alarms. Do you have several identical stores to which the configuration needs to be transferred? No problem: With the WAGO solution, copying and scaling it are easy.

Freedom for Custom Concepts

This pre-configured solution offers operators the certainty that all quality standards are met and that the equipment in their stores is set up to their requirements. At the same time, the system’s high degree of flexibility and scalability allows it to be adapted to different needs. This gives retailers all the freedom they need to implement custom concepts in their stores – and provide their customers with unforgettable shopping experiences.

Application Domains:

  • Gas stations, garage chains

  • Supermarkets, drugstores

  • Home improvement centers, non-food markets

  • Logistics centers

  • Outlet centers, clothing stores

» With the WAGO solution for building and property management, retailers can easily manage their stores via a modern user interface. «

Stephan Rothermel, Business Development for Building at WAGO

The Benefits for Your Project

  • Configuring – not programming: Control and regulation functions can be created easily
  • Investment security and a high degree of scalability of the overall solution
  • Hierarchical representation of the properties
  • Excellent usability and ease: User-friendly operation, both local and remote
  • Energy report: Generation and consumption figures for individual building systems or across all systems, including benchmarking across all store branches
  • Fault messages acquisition, for example for heat generators (heating, district heating)
  • Trending: Support for assessing user complaints Operators can network various technical systems with the WAGO Cloud
  • Roll-out: Simple multiplication of store branches
  • Multi-cloud solutions: Simultaneous connection of multiple cloud solutions to AWS and SAP, IBM, WAGO Cloud etc.
  • Central user and role concept: defined concept for groups for access to individual building systems