Automation without Programming

Automating buildings always involves a series of very similar tasks. The various building systems, such as lighting, shades, heating, air-conditioning and ventilation, require control and regulation. WAGO is now releasing its Building Control application for just such uses. This software can be put into operation without any programming work at all.

The central goal of building automation is to provide optimal lighting and climate control in rooms according to their specific uses. That requires the lighting, air-conditioning and shade control systems to work together perfectly. The controller executes specific actions on the basis of the operator’s specifications and the inputs, which can come from switches, presence detectors, room thermostats or a weather station, for example. Although these processes are perfectly amenable to standardization, most solutions to date have required custom programming. In contrast, WAGO provides you with a ready-made application solution.

The Benefits for You:

  • Pre-programmed solution for flexible building automation applications
  • Easy configuration and commissioning without programming knowledge
  • Integrated dashboard for attractive visualization options
  • A connection to WAGO’s Building Operation & Control cloud solution allows access to all the data from anywhere in the world.

Application Solution for Building Uses

Easy, Flexible Building Automation

Flexibly Adapt Automation to Requirements

The new Building Control application that WAGO is releasing is different. Instead of programming, the system integrator can compile all the functions and put them into operation easily through configuration. Nor does flexible adaptation of the automation to a specific use require custom programming – only simple configuration through a modern Web interface. The interface for operating the system after commissioning is also based on a modern Web visualization. The integrated dashboard offers various visualization objects for representation and operation of the equipment. The system is always accessed via a standard Web browser.

Building Control Application

The pre-programmed Building Control application offers all the functions needed for the lighting, shade control, heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems. The Web-based user interface gives operators an overview of all the subsystems in the building at all times and provides various monitoring functions. The system also offers fault-triggered alarms. The application data can optionally be transferred to WAGO Cloud Building Operation & Control. This combination provides a total solution – which is also ideal for central monitoring, data analysis and operation of distributed properties.

Easy and Efficient Central Building Management

WAGO Cloud’s “Building Operation and Control” is the perfect way to get started with cloud-based building management.

Building Technology

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WAGO Controllers


PFC200 Controller

Simplify the engineering, control and visualization of your projects with the PFC200 Controller thanks to e!COCKPIT (CODESYS V3) and Linux®.


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