HVAC Technology for the Systems of the Future

Heating and cooling applications account for more than 55 % of total energy consumption in buildings. Intelligent automation across building systems is the only way to efficiently take advantage of the energy used in a functional building. An intelligent automation system allows measurement data from the HVAC systems to be analyzed via fast and secure communication channels for resource-efficient, economical control.

Your Benefits:

  • Twice the cost savings: Price/performance ratio in procurement, lower ongoing operating costs
  • Worldwide approvals
  • Software for ease of use
  • Ready-to-use programs (macros)
  • Expand or modify system at any time

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

Primary Systems Used Economically

As resources become scarcer, the energy transformation leads directly to the basement. Products from WAGO allow you to meet the requires for economical HVAC component control.

Energy Efficiency Classes per DIN EN 15232

European standard EN 15232 (“Energy Performance of Buildings – Impact of Building Automation, Controls, and Building Management”) categorizes building automation and control devices into four energy efficiency classes from A to D. Controllers from WAGO allow you to meet important requirements for compliance with energy efficiency class A.


Products for Control, Operation and Monitoring

  • WAGO I/O System: Seamlessly regulates, controls and monitors all HVAC components in all building systems.
  • WAGO’s control technology solutions can be integrated using open communication standards
  • Operation, Monitoring, Diagnostics with the WAGO Touch Panels 600

Configuration and Parameterization Solutions

Software for HVAC applications:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Includes configurations such as the BACnet Configurator
  • Libraries of function blocks specifically geared toward building automation

Macros for TRIC I&C Software

Using ready-made solutions – instead of customizing standard HVAC systems over and over – significantly increases reliability. All components are compatible with each other and have been extensively manufacturer-tested for functionality. This results in the generation of items such as service specifications and parts lists, as well as cable and data point lists that serve many purposes, including preparing quotes. In addition to all of these value-added functions and project items, TRIC also provides the GAEB text for tendering construction services.

HVAC System Macros – Parameter Setting, Not Programming

Your benefits with WAGO's HVAC application macros:

  • Ready-to-use applications
  • Economize system commissioning
  • Reuse standardized solutions
  • Customize via open source macros
  • No extensive programming required

HVAC Technology in Use

Certified buildings

Sustainable construction pays off. Several certificates provide planning support – one of which accounts for the potential energy savings of building automation.


Perfect Lighting Installations and Automation Solutions

Cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency play significant roles in lighting. WAGO’s solutions provide long-term support for planning and meeting your objectives.


Economical Room Automation

A building’s planning, implementation and operation must demonstrate both maximum efficiency and a high degree of adaptability.


WAGO for Professional Groups

Focus on Your Requirements

For installers and system integrators: Use our professional Web portal to directly access the building technology information that is relevant to you.

Helpful Tips for Installers

Fast, reliable, maintenance-free solutions simplify your everyday workflow and ensure the best possible result


Support for System Integrators

Buildings that conserve resources and energy are your objective. WAGO supports successful planning and implementation.