News November 19, 2018
Compact and High-Performance – WAGO Power Supply with 30 W in Just 35.5 mm

Packing 30 W of performance, WAGO's Compact Power Supply (787-2850) in a DIN-rail-mount enclosure offers a lot of power in a scant 35.5 mm (1.398"). Thanks to the slim design, it saves around 33% more space in the control cabinet and distribution board than standard power supplies.

1.25 A are available at an output voltage of 24 VDC. With a high efficiency of up to 88%, the new power supply impresses with low power loss.

It can also be mounted overhead or horizontally with derating – advantageous for system distribution boxes in buildings and industry.

Availability: January 2019

At a Glance:

  • Same design and technical features adapted to the new WAGO 3-Phase Power Transducers
    Ideal accessory for the 3-phase power transducers

  • 30 watts in a width of 35.5 mm (1.398")
    Compact and high-performance

  • Meets overvoltage category III
    Stabilized against input-side overvoltages or transients

  • High reliability
    Temperature range of −20 to +70°C, (−4 ... +158°F), derating > +55°C (+131°F)
    MTBF per EN/IEC 61709 greater than 2,500,000 hours at +40°C (+104°F)


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