Item no. 750-495/040-010

3-Phase Power Measurement; 20 kVAC 300 A; Extreme

Item no. 750-495/040-010
3-Phase Power Measurement
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The 750-495/040-010 3-Phase Power Measurement Module (also referred to as I/O module) measures the electrical data of a 3-phase supply network in the medium voltage range up to 20 kVrms using voltage sensors per IEC 60044-7 (new IEC 61869-11) and current sensors per IEC 60044-8 (new IEC 61869-10).
This I/O module measures rated voltages up to ULL = 20 kVrms (ULN = 11.547 kVrms) and rated currents up to 300 ARMS. The module provides a large number of measured quantities, allowing comprehensive analysis of the 3-phase network. These metrics enable the operator to optimize supply to their systems, protecting them from damage and failure.
The voltages of the three phases are connected via voltage sensors to terminals L1, L2, L3 and N, the currents via current sensors to terminals I1, I2, I3 and N. Based on these input signals, the I/O module determines various AC measured variables, such as voltage and current, reactive, apparent and active power, energy consumption, power factor, phase angle and frequency. Harmonic analysis (current/voltage) is also possible for a selectable phase up to the 41st harmonic.
The variables are available in the process image, without requiring high processing power from the controller.

The device is ideal for operation in extreme environments thanks to:
  • An extended temperature range
  • Greater immunity to impulse voltages and electromagnetic interference
  • Higher vibration and shock resistance