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An exciting and successful SPS fair is behind us and we thank you for visiting us.

Highlights of the SPS 2019 

Automation Solutions from WAGO #madeforTSN

Why are our new I/O-Systems Advanced and Field ready for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)? We at WAGO are convinced that the new communication standard offers unbeatable advantages. Not only does TSN markedly increase the performance of your industrial network; it also provides the basis for direct communication from the field level with each device on other levels without needing to access gateways as before, or to completely revamp the communication technologies. Fast, real-time capable, standardized, connected from end to end – all this, from TSN.

WAGO I/O System Advanced

“With the WAGO I/O System Advanced, our brand new automation solution “made for TSN,” you raise your industrial automation to the next level. As a gateway to the universal WAGO 750 Series I/O System, it combines the proven benefits and functionality of the 750 Series with outstanding performance, an ergonomic design and error-preventing mechanics. With the fast new IP20 I/O-System, WAGO gives a face to future topics like OPC UA and TSN – and gives you the ability to set new standards with your industrial automation.”

WAGO I/O System Field

“Modular production facilities require automation solutions that ensure the highest level of connectivity and also provide maximum performance outside the control cabinet. The new WAGO I/O System Field with IP67 protection offers the perfect solution for cabinet-free automation. It combines speed with ETHERNET-based fieldbuses (e.g., PROFINET), technologies such as OPC UA and, in the future, MQTT for machine-to-machine communication in the cloud. I/O System Field is also ready for TSN. Do you want your modular approach to fly? Our new IP67 system will help launch your ideas.

Highlights 2019


SPS 2019

SPS 2019

  • Impressions


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  • TSN Demonstrator

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  • Analytics-Demonstrator


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  • WAGO I/O System Field


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  • The New WAGO I/O System Advanced


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  • MTP - Module Type Package


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Automation Talk

Automation-Talk 2019

Automation-Talk 2019

  • I/O-Link


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  • "Time-Sensitive-Neworking" Part 1


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  • "Time-Sensitive Networking" Part 2


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  • Docker


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  • Cloud, IoT and Analytics


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Booth Map



The New Heart of Your Control Cabinet
WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply – Control cabinets are undergoing a transformation, because the requirements on them are constantly increasing – both quantitative and qualitative requirements. Greater networking, rising energy costs and increasing customization require compactness, economy, speed and flexibility in control cabinets.


WAGO Touch Panel 600

Aesthetic Design Meets High Performance

High-performance touch panels for demanding control and visualization tasks improve the operability of machines and systems, but also offer an outstanding design and advanced technology.


Industrial switches

WAGO’s range of switches ensures the scalability of your ETHERNET network infrastructure, while providing outstanding electrical and mechanical characteristics.

These robust switches are designed for industrial use and are fully compliant with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u and IEEE 802.3ab.



WAGO’s e!COCKPIT Automation Software expedites machine and system startup, while reducing development times for automation projects!


WAGO Cloud

#openandeasy: Universal IoT Solution for Machines, Systems and Buildings


Cloud Connectivity

It’s all about data: In the past, technical data from the field made it through to the control levels at best – yet now things have changed. Thanks to modern information technology, the most important information from production is no longer restricted to the classical automation pyramid, but is now available at any time and place. However, the technical conditions must be right for this. The WAGO PFC Controllers and Control Panels are equipped with cloud connectivity and transfer data to the WAGO Cloud, or to any other MQTT broker.


TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking)

TSN PLUS OPC UA as New Standard for the Industrial World

Industrial communication must be fast, real-time capable and standardized so companies can meet the challenges of digitalization. Therefore, WAGO is committed to promoting OPC UA over TSN as a form of communication that will make the cross-level, manufacturer-independent solutions of tomorrow possible.


WAGO I/O System Advanced

Connectivity and speed are the foundations for modern production facilities. With the I/O System Advanced, WAGO has developed a solution that readily meets all of the requirements placed on an upgradable automation system. “With this new and incredibly fast IP20 I/O system, we're giving a face to technologies such as OPC UA and TSN,” says Jürgen Gorka, the I/O System Advanced product manager.


WAGO I/O System Field

Modern, decentralized production facilities require automation solutions that ensure the highest level of connectivity while providing maximum performance outside the control cabinet. WAGO developed its I/O System Field with IP67 protection to meet these needs today and tomorrow by being upgradable: “I/O System Field combines speed with ETHERNET-based fieldbuses (e.g., PROFINET), technologies such as OPC UA or Webserver and, in the future, MQTT as a communication protocol, for cloud connectivity,” says WAGO automation expert Ludwig Adelmann. Additionally, the system is ready for TSN, the key technology for end-to-end, flexible, powerful and secure networking.


Docker & Embedded Linux

Container Visualization with Docker
Docker container technology speeds up software development, testing and deployment, since its handling is based on the behavior of apps. WAGO PFC200 series controllers now make it possible to exploit these advantages on an embedded platform. Read more here

Controllers with “Embedded Linux”
We unite what belongs together: High-performance WAGO hardware and the future-ready Linux® operating system. Base images that are expandable via open-source packages or integration of external CODESYS libraries are a compelling advantage of WAGO’s “Embedded Linux” Controllers. Read more here


Intrinsically Safe Modules

New for connecting sensors/actuators in zones 1/21 and 0/20: Intrinsically safe I/O modules with four channels control various types of valves and economically record 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA and 3.6 to 21 mA standard signals per NAMUR NE43.


I/O-Systems from WAGO

For optimal automation both inside and outside the control cabinet: the flexible IP20 and IP67 remote I/O systems for all applications and environments.


PFC200 Controller

Engineer, control and visualize your projects even more easily and conveniently with the PFC200 Controller thanks to e!COCKPIT (CoDeSys V3) and Linux®.

Bring new products to market faster and earn a quicker return on investment: WAGO offers you both with its new end-to-end software engineering. Thanks to the CODESYS-based runtime environment and real-time-capable Linux® operating system, the PFC200 Controller is the efficient control solution for your automation applications.


Lighting Management

WAGO Lighting Management is the sophisticated solution for lighting control in large spaces such as production facilities and warehouses. Using a combination of predefined hardware and user-friendly software, WAGO offers a lighting management system that facilitates design and commissioning of new lighting systems while providing numerous additional advantages for their operation.



A high switch-on capacity is combined with an electronic relay.
WAGO’s space-saving ECBs come into play when the focus is on both safety and a superior price-performance ratio.


Building automation

Greater Efficiency through Intelligent Room Automation

Planning, implementation and building operation must demonstrate both maximum efficiency and a high degree of adaptability.


WAGO Electronic Interface

Signal Conditioners and Isolation Amplifiers

Isolating, amplifying, filtering and converting:
WAGO’s JUMPFLEX® Signal Conditioners and Isolation Amplifiers handle a multitude of functions in various application areas and provide secure and error-free signal transmission – thanks to a comprehensive range of approvals for worldwide applications. Learn more here

WAGO Relay and Optocoupler Modules

Functionality in a Wide Range of Applications:
Whether relay sockets or pluggable relay and optocoupler modules, WAGO's array of relays and optocouplers offer a solution for any requirement. Use them in any sector of industry including process technology and power engineering, railway applications and machine engineering, as well as general control cabinet construction. Learn more here

Power Supplies

WAGO’s efficient power supplies always deliver a constant supply voltage – whether for simple applications or automation with greater power requirements. WAGO offers uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), buffer modules, redundancy modules and a wide range of electronic circuit breakers (ECBs) as a complete system for seamless upgrades. Learn more here


Energy Management

Regardless of the maturity of your energy management system, a good system adapts to your requirements and provides new insights into potential savings at every level within your operations.

WAGO offers versatile solutions for both your department and your company’s comprehensive energy management plan. No matter what your goal is – from merely meeting legal obligations to reducing energy costs – we can support you in making the most of your operation's potential. This help spans from monitoring to the identification of suitable measures.


Connection Technology

Easy, safe, maintenance-free: Perfect for DIN-rails, circuit boards, junction boxes or as pluggable connectors in cable ducts or control cabinets – WAGO offers the right electrical interconnect solutions for every application.


Rail-mount terminal blocks

Largest Selection of Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks from the Market Leader The best rail-mount terminal blocks for all applications, along with information to FAQs, can be found here! Our high-performance line will be the platform for your control cabinet solution!


Control Cabinets – Simple. Faster. More Efficient.

Control cabinet manufacturers face the challenge of constantly optimizing their processes – while the demands on networked and integrated systems steadily rise. The competitiveness of a control cabinet manufacturer is ultimately determined by its level of expertise in conjunction with the efficiency of its manufacturing processes. WAGO offers innovative solutions such as power supplies, PLCs, rail-mount terminals blocks, etc., with real added value that support users from planning and project design to testing and commissioning.


New Products

Our comprehensive range of products allows us to provide you with efficient solutions for every project. Here you will find our latest products that will keep you one step ahead.