Propulsion Control

Whether for a diesel engine with exhaust gas cleaning or a hybrid propulsion system: WAGO provides the propulsion automation. We have the solutions for propulsion control applications that move you forward.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Intrinsically safe modules for sensors in Zone 2
  • Marine-compliant power supply design
  • Signal conversion and automation from a single source
  • Energy measurement technology and electronic fuses for targeted energy management on board

WAGO in Marine Applications

Solutions for Propulsion Control

Our automation and electrical interconnection technologies for propulsion and steering systems have proven themselves on the high seas and under the most difficult conditions.

Marine Propulsion Technology Is Being Put to the Test

Trends such as slow steaming, dual fuel, exhaust gas reduction, hybrid propulsion and LNG as fuel describe are increasing powertrain complexity. In this light, demands for intelligent automation solutions make perfect sense. The portfolio for the intrinsically safe WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 enables you to automate LNG propulsion systems or retrofit scrubber and filter systems for exhaust gas reduction.

The 750 XTR Series components are specifically bolstered for use with particularly high or low ambient temperatures, extreme vibration or EMC conditions. Our power supply modules are designed for more stringent availability and reliability requirements. In the event of a fault, single- and multi-phase power supplies and buffer modules ensure automation system availability. Protection of the secondary circuits is conveniently provided via remote-controlled electronic fuses. Energy measurement modules for diesel electric propulsion systems and an extensive portfolio of signal converters and signal amplifiers complete the product range.


See our Solutions at Work

WAGO has implemented many exciting propulsion control projects. Read about the most recent ones here.

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More Marine Applications

Whether Maritime 4.0, propulsion control or tank ballast and cargo management, WAGO offers solutions for every maritime challenge.

Perfectly in Balance

Maintaining stability in rough seas is vital for cargo ships. Reliable tank ballast systems are the key to this – with solutions from WAGO.


Safe around the Clock

Proven under even the most demanding conditions, WAGO’s maintenance-free and safe solutions keep tugboats and cranes ready for action at any time.


Reliable Signal Processing

Collect, condition and visualize data and, in the worst case, issue alarms: Alarm and monitoring systems with WAGO technology get the job done.


Safety and Comfort

WAGO’s cost-effective, reliable connection solutions are the electrical basis for onboard amenities.