Item no. 890-133

WINSTA® MINI Plug; with strain relief housing; 3-pole; 1,50 mm²; white

Item no. 890-133
Plug; with strain relief housing; 3-pole;
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Male connector/plug WINSTA® MINI with strain relief

The WINSTA® MINI male connector/plug with protection type IP40 allows installation of solid and fine-stranded conductors. WAGO pluggable installation connectors are used when criteria repeat or are distributed on a defined grid, for example for installing grid lighting or flush-mount lighting.

The color coding and mechanical coding of the pluggable installation connector ensure error-free installation of the individual components – including protection against mismating. The pluggable installation connector is protected in accordance with protection type IP40. Users' fingers and tools will never come into contact with live elements. Standard mains applications for almost any domain of use can be realised with WINSTA® MINI pluggable installation connectors with A coding. WINSTA® MINI satisfies the demand for miniaturisation. Our smallest pluggable connection system is especially suitable for lights, for example, since due to LED technology, these offer significantly less space for the connection technology. A range up to 40 mm can be used for the strip length.

Push-in CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology – pluggable installation instead of laborious screw connections!

WINSTA® is the pluggable connection system that is ideally tailored to the strict requirements of electrical installation. It allows error-free installation of cables and components, quickly and reliably. Enjoy the benefits of the pluggable version of our maintenance-free spring pressure connection technology too! Plan your installation with WINSTA® MINI pluggable installation connectors with protection type IP40 from WAGO.

  • protection against mismating eliminates errors
  • compact design for conductors with a cross-section up to 1.5 mm²
  • with A coding for a great number of uses
  • exact dimensions
  • convenient installation and commissioning