The Open Catalog Interface (OCI) is a standardized, open catalog data interface for exchanging catalog data sets between your ERP system (e.g., SAP) and WAGO’s online ordering system.


  • Reduced procurement and process costs
  • Simpler ordering processes
  • Error-free data transmission
  • Compliance with internal processes


How Does OCI Work?

First, the OCI shop is set up in your ERP system as an external catalog, including transfer parameters for the shop login. Now when purchasers open the shop via their eProcurement system, the OCI shop opens in a browser window. They can then select WAGO products and put them in their shopping cart. Then, when the order is sent, the shopping cart is transferred via OCI interface to the leading eProcurement system. The shopping cart is transferred to a particular return address (known as a HOOK-URL) of the eProcurement system, normally via HTTP-POST. The items in the shopping cart now appear on the order request screen. After reviewing the order again, purchasers can place the order on channel that suit them.

Example OCI Project Sequence at WAGO

  • Initial Contact with Your OCI Partner at WAGO
    Please contact your OCI partner at WAGO. After an initial discussion, we will be happy to send you our checklist.
  • Fine-Tuning
    Together we'll fine-tune the OCI settings, as well as address any special process requests.
  • Project Implementation by WAGO
    Once all the information has been collected, we set up OCI access for you and send you a parameter overview for the necessary transfer fields.
  • Test Phase and Conclusion
    Once you've completed setup, we will be happy to assist you in testing its functionality.

Do you have questions on OCI?
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