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News 17 January 2023
Single Pair Ethernet: Easy Connection without Plugs

WAGO 2601 and 2086 Series PCB Terminal Blocks Certified for Single Pair Ethernet

More and more, ETHERNET connections are used to standardize field-level communication in buildings and industry.

Your Benefits:

  • A super compact solution that needs very little board space

  • Easy, tool-free wiring worldwide thanks to Push-in CAGE CLAMP® and release via push-button and lever technology

  • No special plug necessary

Connection without a Special Plug

In many applications, Single Pair Ethernet is the perfect solution for the physical layer. It allows ETHERNET connections at high speeds over long distances using only a single wire pair. This saves space and reduces weight in applications while conserving resources. The compact 2601 and 2086 Series PCB Terminal Blocks are qualified per IEC 63171 and offer a straightforward connection process for Single Pair Ethernet because no special plug is required.

Reliable and Tool-Free Wiring

Just trim the conductor to the appropriate length, strip the insulation, insert the end into the PCB terminal block, and it’s ready to go. With one click, the lever of the 2601 Series locks the conductor in securely, establishing the Single Pair Ethernet connection – no tools required. Wiring the 2086 Series with push-buttons is just as easy. The Push-in CAGE CLAMP® enables secure insertion of both solid and fine-stranded conductors. The connection for Single Pair Ethernet is color-coded on the PCB terminal block, streamlining wiring and reducing errors.

Simple Retrofitting

The WAGO 2601 and 2086 Series PCB Terminal Blocks offer a particularly simple option for Single Pair Ethernet connections in existing installations. For example, it is easy to retrofit building controls for roller shutters, doors, and smart home systems into the existing cabling.

Item Number: 2086-1102 2086-1203, 2086-1103, 2086-1202, 2601-1102/0987-0100, 2601-1103/0987-0100, 2601-3102/0987-0100, 2601-3103/0987-0100
Available: Q2/2023

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