Item no. 2759-203/211-1000

Library Power Plant Control; VDE-AR-N 4110 / 4120; Single License; Online activation

Item no. 2759-203/211-1000
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The WAGO Power Plant Control Library is an e!COCKPIT library with a control algorithm for the active and/or reactive power in energy generation plants.

The control algorithm for active and/or reactive power and corresponding setpoint specifications required by the operator can be adjusted during operation per IEC 60870 by telecontrol technology. The controller compares the specified setpoint values with the actual values measured at the network connection point and provides the calculated correction variables for the energy generation plant.

This library can be used on second-generation PFC200 Controllers and is certified per VDE-AR-N 4110 or 4120.

The library can be used for a thirty-day trial period at no cost; after 30 days, a license for the respective controller is required. The license can be separately purchased under Item Number 2759-203/211-1000.

  • Pfix, Qfix: Fixed active/reactive power specifications
  • P(f): Frequency-dependent active power regulation
  • P(Uoff): Active power ramp – restart after network failure
  • Q(P): Reactive power control per active power characteristic
  • Q(U): Reactive power control per voltage characteristic
  • Q(Udb): Reactive power control per voltage characteristic with voltage limiting function
  • cosφfix: Fixed displacement factor specification
  • PSM, QSM: Slave mode, looping through the external active/reactive power specifications

Compatible controllers:
750-8212; PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS
750-8212/025-001; PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS; Tele; T
750-8212/025-002; PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS; Tele; T; ECO
750-8216; PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS CAN DPS
750-8216/025-001; PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS CAN DPS; Tele; T
System requirements
Other required software e!COCKPIT Version: V1.6.1
Software data
Supported devices 750-8212: PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS
750-8212/025-001: PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS; Tele; T
750-8212/025-002: PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS; Tele; T; ECO
750-8216: PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS CAN DPS
750-8216/025-001: PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS CAN DPS; Tele; T
Delivery type License certificate per email
License type (note) The single license allows installation on one controller. One license per controller is required.
Note on license type (2) A PC with both Internet connection and e!COCKPIT may be required for license activation.
Commercial data
Country of origin QU
GTIN 4055143926096
Customs tariff number 88888888888