Master of the Facility

Modern building management is simply efficient.

As facility manager, your primary task is: Doing everything in your power to ensure the building in your charge operates with uninterrupted, efficient reliability while offering occupants the comfort they expect. WAGO is your partner and supports you with several smart solutions.

From WAGO for you:

  • Intelligent lighting management
  • Smart building automation
  • Convenient energy data management
  • Pluggable building installation
  • Comprehensive training
  • Collaborative support

WAGO in Buildings

Solutions for Your Tasks

Greater comfort, higher reliability, lower operating costs:
This is building technology with WAGO!

“Building Renovation” White Paper

Information to download: How you can optimize operations with building automation


WAGO Room Automation

Save time, costs and energy: Room automation with WAGO delivers on its promise.

WAGO Lighting Management

Intelligent, efficient, online: With WAGO, controlling your lighting systems has never been easier.

Energy Data Management with WAGO

Collect and evaluate: With Web-based energy data management from WAGO, all-important consumption data is always right at hand.

Pluggable Building Installation from WAGO

Structured pre-planning and fast installation: Pluggable building installations with our WINSTA®plug-in connector system save time, prevent errors and simplify maintenance.

Economical Room Automation

The planning, implementation and operation of a building must demonstrate both maximum efficiency and a high degree of adaptability.


WAGO at Work

Customer Applications: Building Technology

The “Internet of Things” Gains a Foothold in Buildings

With the opening of the “Cisco openBerlin Innovation Center,” the global leader in Internet and network solutions writes a new chapter in building technology.


More Light, Lower Costs

When environmental factors are at the forefront, energy-efficient lighting must be combined with an intelligent lighting management system.


Recommended Reading

More Building Technology Applications

Certified Buildings

Sustainable construction pays off. Several certificates provide planning support – one of which accounts for the potential energy savings of building automation.


Perfect Lighting Installations and Automation Solutions

Cost and energy efficiency both play a significant role in lighting. WAGO’s solutions provide long-term support for planning and meeting your objectives.