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Mechanical Engineering

Reduce costs, increase performance, master the requirements of Industry 4.0 and produce more flexibly: Machine and equipment manufacturers are facing many challenges in both the manufacturing and process engineering industries. WAGO provides you with innovative solutions, cutting-edge technologies and reliable products to thrive during these challenging times. Learn from successful customer projects how you can get fit for the future!

Solutions and Products for Mechanical Engineering Applications

Solutions for Mechanical Engineering Applications

Increasingly faster, more precise and flexible – mechanical engineering is under ever-mounting pressure. Simultaneously, the need for customized machines and systems is growing in production facilities. WAGO supports you with the best modularization technologies and solutions to streamline your manufacturing processes.

Products for Mechanical Engineering Applications

Advanced control cabinet engineering is the key to flawless machine operation and communication. WAGO's comprehensive selection of I/O modules for different potentials and signal types saves time and money because the sensors/actuators can be wired directly – even in safety-related applications.
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Battery Manufacturing

Batteries satisfy our modern energy needs and represent a profound change. We offer the right solutions for cleanrooms, from temperature control to energy data management.

Semiconductor Industry

Processes in the semiconductor industry are designed for maximum precision and work in the nanometer range. We provide support from machine manufacturing to data acquisition and analysis.



Intralogistics is characterized by dynamic market conditions. This requires maximum flexibility and efficient transport routes. We offer you the product and solution portfolio that you need to meet these requirements.


Mechanical Engineering Customer Applications

Discover exciting digitalization projects and look over our customers’ shoulders as they explore the path to the world of intelligent networked production and realize their own factory of the future.


Insights into Tomorrow's Mechanical Engineering


Videos:5 | Duration: 35:21
Videos:5 | Duration: 35:21

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