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Solutions for Mechanical Engineering Applications

Modular Solutions for Flexible Production

Increasingly faster, more precise and flexible – mechanical engineering is under ever-mounting pressure. Simultaneously, the need for customized machines and systems is growing in production facilities. Whether you want to digitize your existing system or you are planning a new one, WAGO is your innovative partner for your project implementation.

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System engineers face new challenges daily: These include flexible software and control technology, simple signal exchange, the protection of people, machines and the environment, and ensuring data security:

Explosion Protection

The safety of people, trouble-free production processes and environmental protection are all key factors for using the right technologies.



IO-Link is the flexible interface for data exchange on the field level. Discover the possibilities of this open and flexible standard.



WAGO's Linux®-based controllers (PFC, Compact Controller 100, TP600, Edge Device) incorporate all the standard IT security features. The desired protection level can be easily set via the controllers' web-based management.

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Engineering Solutions

In addition to PLC programming per IEC 6 1131-3, other software solutions offer extra innovative possibilities to complement the standard control tasks of a PLC. These features are supported by Docker® technology and bring greater flexibility to your application.


Functional Safety

Safety-relevant applications require products that guarantee the “acquisition of safe analog values” function. These include, for example, emergency stop, door contacts and limit switches as well measuring fill levels, pressures, temperatures or gas concentrations in refrigerated warehouses – within the scope of the Machinery Directive.

Modular Solutions for Flexible Production

Faster Modular Device Adaptation

The PROFINET IO Fieldbus Coupler from WAGO can save you a lot of time when engineering and configuring your devices. The function of variable peripheral configuration, an innovative version of option handling, makes it possible to use software created once to realize different versions of a device easier.

New Business Models for Module Manufacturers

MTP Opens Up New Possibilities for Development Within Machine Engineering

The Future of Mechanical Engineering


WAGO offers both open standards and distributed modular communication. Developing an open standard for a real-time capable communication protocol enables machinery and equipment manufacturers to select the proper automation hardware for their needs, regardless of manufacturer. WAGO supports the development of the open standard within the OPC UA Foundation's Field-Level Communication Group. This is how profiles can be created for M2M communication and for communication to MES and control systems.

5G – The Key Technology for Industry 4.0

WAGO closely monitors the next generation of wireless communication and supports demonstrators as part of its membership in the global 5G-ACIA initiative. The goal is to establish a new mobile communication standard in all industrial production areas and promote digitalization.

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