Designing with WAGO Configurator Smart Designer

The WAGO Configurator Smart Designer ( enables true 3D configuration of WAGO’s electrical interconnect and automation components, including the TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks, WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750, and PCB terminal blocks. In addition to pre-assembled products, you receive all relevant product and process data for documentation.

The Free 3D Online Configuration Tool for Streamlined Engineering:

  • Reduce administrative overhead
  • Intelligent interfaces
  • Assembly with added value, thanks to WAGO CAD data
  • Ordering configured product or individual components
  • More efficient production processes

Reduce administrative overhead

Online planning eliminates software installation and allows users to access projects at anytime from anywhere in the world – and it's always up-to-date with WAGO's most current item data.

Intelligent interfaces to CAE programs and e!COCKPIT

After generating the circuit diagram in CAE software or creating a project in e!COCKPIT, the data can be transferred for all terminal block assemblies or only for specific ones. Custom item numbers may also be created. The terminal block assembly is automatically set up in smart DESIGNER, while plausibility checks verify that design is error-free. Marking data can also be imported from the CAE software and terminal block markings printed on the smart PRINTER.

Assembly with added value, thanks to WAGO CAD data

For mechanical engineering, terminal block assemblies that are configured in smart DESIGNER can be transferred as 2D/3D CAD models for assembly via the WAGO PARTcommunity portal in native or neutral formats.

In addition to geometry data, technical and commercial item data is transferred to the CAD target system or to the PLM/ERP software.

Ordering configured product or individual components

Take advantage of high quality standards when ordering a configured product with low production risks for one-off projects. Minimize storage and assembly costs with a whole product instead of individual components.

More efficient production processes

The smart DESIGNER tool supports production processes with automatic item creation in PLM and ERP, as well as generation of production documents and parts lists. WAGO's markers can also be directly printed from the project using the smart PRINTER for labeling the control cabinet. Take advantage of the production view during assembly with all necessary information in 3D.

Your Benefits with the WAGO Configurator Smart Designer

  • Installation-free in a Web browser

  • Design in true 3D

  • Rely on WAGO's expert knowledge for editing

  • Current product data

  • Export intelligent CAD data

  • Interfaces to CAE programs and e!COCKPIT

  • Easily transfer relevant product and process data

WAGO Configurator Smart Designer

Use our free 3D online configuration tool.