WAGO 750/753 I/O System

Decentralized peripherals for every application: Boasting more than 500 I/O modules, programmable controllers and fieldbus couplers, WAGO’s remote I/O system offers all the functions required for your automation needs – and for every fieldbus.

Your Benefits:
  • Fieldbus-independent – compatible with all standard fieldbus protocols and ETHERNET standards
  • A wide variety of I/O modules for virtually any application
  • Also suitable for use in limited spaces thanks to compact dimensions
  • International and national approvals for worldwide use
  • Extensive range of accessories for marking systems and connection technologies
  • Vibration-proof, fast and maintenance-free CAGE CLAMP® connections

Product Overview

One System for Every Application

Boasting more than 500 I/O modules, programmable controllers and fieldbus couplers, WAGO’s I/O System offers all the functions required for your automation needs – and for every fieldbus. The remote I/O System is the decentralized peripheral for automation technology. International certifications such as ATEX, UL508 and GL, as well as several additional marine approvals, mean that the WAGO I/O System can be used worldwide for virtually any industry. WAGO’s 753 Series Pluggable Connectors and high-density modules minimize both hardware and system requirements.

The Modular and Compact System for Control Cabinets

The WAGO 750/753 I/O System enables you to not only reduce wiring expenses, but also prevent unplanned downtimes and associated service costs thanks to its high level of reliability. The system also offers additional impressive features: Besides the possibility of custom configurations, I/O modules are available with up to 16 channels to maximize the use of valuable control cabinet space. Additionally, WAGO’s 753 Series Pluggable Connectors expedite on-site installation.

Maximum Reliability and Ruggedness

The WAGO 750/753 I/O System is engineered and tested for use in the most demanding environments, e.g., those required in marine applications. Besides greatly increased vibration resistance, interference immunity and voltage fluctuation range, CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connections also ensure continuous operation.

Maximum Fieldbus Independence

Fieldbus couplers connect the WAGO 750/753 I/O System to a higher-level control system and support all standard fieldbus protocols and ETHERNET standards. The parts of the I/O system are perfectly attuned to each other for integration into the scalable control solutions of the 750 Series Controllers, as well as the PFC100 and PFC200. WAGO’s e!COCKPIT (CODESYS 3) and WAGO I/O-PRO (based on CODESYS 2) engineering environments are available for configuration, programming, diagnostics and visualization.

Maximum Flexibility

More than 500 different I/O modules with 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 channels for digital and analog input/output signals are available to meet the wide range of requirements found in different industries, including function and technology modules, modules for Ex i applications, RS-232 interfaces for functional security and much more. Communication modules also make it possible to integrate subsystems and interfaces such as KNX, DALI and AS Interface.

New Products

Connect 8 Channels on Just 12 mm

New Analog Input Module for Thermocouple Measurement

The new WAGO 750-498 Analog Input Module is ideal for recording signals from multiple thermocouples in the field. Packaged in a width of just 12 mm, it offers eight channels that can be individually configured for thermocouples of types K, J, B, E, N, R, S, T and C. The thermocouples are connected via 2-wire technology. The I/O module performs cold junction compensation and then directly outputs the measured temperature value. The temperature resolution is 0.1°C. The module can also be used for voltage measurements in the ranges ±30 mV, ±60 mV, ±120 mV or ±240 mV. Field and system levels are electrically isolated from each other.

Your Benefits:

  • Narrow width
  • Internal cold junction compensation
  • Low measurement error ≤ 1K (depending on type and temperature range)

Available: In stock

Record Analog Values Safely

New 4-Channel Analog Input Module with PROFIsafe Functions

A 4-Channel Analog Input Module joins WAGO’s range of safety modules within the WAGO 750 I/O System. With this new module, safety-relevant applications can be implemented that require the “acquisition of safe analog values” function, such as measurement of level, pressure, temperature or gas concentrations in refrigerated warehouses – within the scope of the Machinery Directive.

The module is suitable for standard 0 … 20 mA und 4 … 20 mA signals. The “Remote IO for Factory Automation” (RIOforFA) profile enables passivation or acknowledgment of the inputs with channel-level granularity. The “Remote IO for Process Automation” (RIOforPA) profile is also supported. The module works with PROFIsafe version V2.6 and enables applications that must meet the requirements of SIL 3 or Cat. 4/PL e.

Your Benefits:

  • The 4-Channel Analog Input Module with PROFIsafe functions expands the range of safety modules within the WAGO 750 I/O System.
  • Support for both the “Remote IO for Factory Automation” and “Remote IO for Process Automation” profiles

Available: In stock

More Freedom in Ex Applications

Intrinsically Safe Modules with Improved Features and New Functions

WAGO has streamlined and expanded its range of Ex i modules. The new 8-Channel Digital Input Module for intrinsically safe digital applications (8DI NAMUR Ex i) can now also connect break contacts and their signals in addition to NAMUR make contacts. Additionally, the new module can record them in accordance with the IEC 60947-5-6 standard. Because typical sensor failures such as wire breaks are reliably detected with their help, break contacts play an increasingly important role in process technology. Defining a NAMUR make or break contact is done channel by channel via the process image for 8DI NAMUR Ex i.

The new 4-Channel Analog Input Module (4AI RTD/TC Ex i) supplements the analog portion of WAGO’s portfolio. It combines the functionality of proven modules with enhanced characteristics. The module has double the number of channels, and these are now electrically isolated. It also provides higher resolution, faster conversion time, fewer measurement errors and the combination of RTD and TC functions in one module.

Your Benefits:

  • More applications and reliable wire break diagnostics with 8DI NAMUR Ex i
  • 4AI RTD/TC Ex i processes signals safely, smoothly and quickly, acquires measured values precisely and requires only a small amount of space.

Available: In stock

An Analog Jack-of-All-Trades

Freely Configurable and with High Resolution: The New 4-Channel Analog Output Module

The new 4-Channel Analog Output Module from the WAGO 750 I/O System offers users maximum flexibility. Not only does the module support all typical voltage and current signals – it is also possible to specify individually for each of the four channels whether it should be used as a voltage or current output. The module has additional connections that allow a four-wire connection when outputting voltage signals to compensate for a voltage drop on the lines.

With 16 bits, the output module offers a high resolution and allows flexible adaptation to the respective system function. The outputs are reverse-power-proof, making them difficult to wire incorrectly. Finally, the module simplifies warehousing: Since it provides a wide variety of output signals, fewer variants need to be purchased and stocked.

Your Benefits:

  • Maximum configuration freedom
  • 4-channel output module with high 16-bit resolution
  • Reverse-power-proof, making it difficult to wire incorrectly

Available: In stock

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