WAGO I/O System Field

Decentralize with extended connectivity. The I/O System Field for IP67-rated cabinet-free automation features an impressive range of functions.

Your Benefits:

  • Extended network connectivity
  • Functionality and aesthetics in one system
  • Integrated power management
  • All-in-one solution via IO-Link


Future-Proof Automation

High performance, designed for time-sensitive networking (TSN) and unshakeable in the harshest environmental conditions: The WAGO I/O System Field for cabinet-free automation merges an impressive variety of functions with robust IP67 housings.

Wide Range of Applications

Whether at the packaging machine or at the robot's arm – the I/O System Field Modules mount exactly where you need them – at the heart of the action, close to sensors and actuators.

The Unbeatable Advantages of WAGO I/O System Field

Extended Network Connectivity

Modern, decentralized production facilities require automation solutions that ensure the highest level of connectivity while providing maximum performance outside of the control cabinet. WAGO developed its new I/O System Field with IP67 protection to meet these needs today and tomorrow. The new system combines fast ETHERNET-based fieldbuses (e.g., PROFINET), technologies such as OPC UA, Bluetooth® and Webserver, and MQTT as a protocol for cloud connectivity. The centerpiece is a powerful processor core that combines integrated security features with secure field and cloud connectivity. It is the basis for all ETHERNET, fieldbus and Industrial IoT standards (including TSN), offering maximum flexibility for a wide variety of requirements.

Your Benefits:

  • Platform-independent data exchange through OPC UA
  • System information provided via MQTT
  • Fast and distributed access to module information via Bluetooth®
  • Access to system information via integrated Webserver
  • #made for TSN


Author: Ludwig Adelmann, Product Manager at WAGO GmbH & Co. KG

Functionality and Aesthetics in One System

The IP67-rated I/O System Field is optimized for dependable, cabinet-free automation. The modules mount exactly where you need them – at the heart of the action, close to sensors and actuators. This adaptability not only reduces the cabling required, but it also simplifies commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics. The system offers no-compromise protection with fully encapsulated metal housings for extremely harsh environments, or robust yet lightweight plastic housings for mobile applications. The modules operate at temperatures from −25 to +70°C (−13 … +158°F). Slim housing variants and lateral mounting lend themselves well to detecting signals in the smallest of spaces and for mounting both modules and connection cables in a protected manner. Sensors and actuators are connected via standard M8 and M12 cables. The system is powered via an L-coded high-current M12 connector, providing up to 16 A and packing more power in less space. The modules can accommodate WMB Inline markers or marking strips from the WAGO standard program.

Your Benefits:

  • Fully encapsulated IP67 metal housings for extreme environments
  • Non-encapsulated, lightweight IP67 plastic housings for mobile applications
  • Detailed identification, convenient marking options and clearly visible LEDs

Integrated Load Management

Innovative load management ensures that the system’s power is fully utilized via supply current load management. Current and voltage can be recorded and evaluated per channel. Overload limits can be set for individual channels. As a result, errors can be detected faster and more clearly differentiated in the event of faults – errors are also more easily predicted, which is essential for future trends such as predictive maintenance.

Your Benefits:

  • High-capacity power supply with up to 2 x 16 A and up to 4 A per IO-Link Port
  • Adjustable output current limitation
  • Power consumption monitoring
  • Definition of pre- and main alarms
  • Monitoring voltages and currents (per channel and module-wide)
  • Channel-based temperature monitoring

This considerably simplifies configuration and cabling. Furthermore, completely new possibilities arise for diagnostics, parameterization and device identification.

Helmut Börjes, Product Manager at WAGO GmbH & Co. KG

All-in-One Solution via IO-Link

In combination with IO-Link , the I/O System Field fully demonstrates its strengths as a flexible “IO distributor” for both data collection and distribution. The prominent communication standard enables seamless data flow from the control to the sensor and actuator level. This considerably simplifies configuration and cabling. Furthermore, completely new possibilities arise for diagnostics, parameterization and device identification.

Your Benefits:

  • End-to-end cloud and fieldbus communication with IO-Link
  • Simplified wiring eases planning and device exchange
  • Up to 8 IO-Link hubs per module - Up to 4 A per port - Up to 128 digital IOs on one master
  • Star topology for short line paths
  • Fewer IP addresses

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