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750 XTR Controllers

First choice for tasks in adverse environmental conditions: Extremely temperature-resistant, immune to interference, as well as unfazed by vibrations and impulse voltages – these are impressive features of the 750 XTR PLCs.

Automate where others capitulate: The 750 XTR Controllers not only stand out in extreme temperature environments of −40°C to +70°C (−40 ... +158°F). Their high immunity to impulse voltages make WAGO's 750 XTR Controllers the efficient and secure solution for demanding applications in: Marine systems, onshore/offshore industry, renewable energy systems, transformer stations and power distribution, the petrochemical industry, the water and wastewater industry, specialty machine manufacturing and rail applications.

Your benefits with the 750 XTR Controllers:

  • eXTReme temperatures: −40 … +70°C (−40 … +158°F)
  • eXTReme isolation: up to 5 kV of impulse voltage
  • eXTReme vibration resistance: up to 5g of acceleration

WAGO at Work

What Makes the 750 XTR Controller Successful

Telecontrol Protocols

Standardized telecontrol protocols that adhere to IEC 60870-5, IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25 ensure use of the PLCs in telecontrol technology. The 750 XTR Controllers also meet increased impulse-voltage withstand requirements according to EN 60870-2-1. The result is a tailor-made solution for demanding telecontrol applications that readily meets all requirements.

Modular and Expandable

With the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 XTR, the controllers can be expanded to almost any input/output interface. Using an industry-leading platform, the 750 XTR boasts the same proven benefits.

Superior Reliability in Extreme Climates

Engineered for freezing cold, extreme heat and high humidity, the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 XTR provides absolute dependability in virtually any weather. The XTR version of the programmable fieldbus controllers is unfazed by both freezing cold down to −40°C and scorching heat up to +70°C (−40 ... +158°F). And this applies equally to both start-up and continual operation. The maximum approved operating altitude of 5,000 m is another highlight. Even in the thin air of a mountain-top station, the system impressively demonstrates its high performance and availability.

Additional Protection Against Interference Pulses

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 XTR provides greater isolation up to 5 kV of impulse voltage, lower EMC emission of interference and higher insensitivity to EMC interference. These strengths add up to trouble-free operation.

High Mechanical Performance

Automation systems must be vibration-resistant, especially when installed close to vibration-prone and shock-generating system components. Powerful motors and power circuit breakers are just two examples from a wide range of applications that can stress automation systems. The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 XTR continues to set new standards here: Count on long-lasting, trouble-free operation and industry-topping levels of safety – even in the most severe applications, such as tunnel boring machines.


Marine Systems and Onshore/Offshore Installations

International approvals coupled with industry-specific features permit use in shipbuilding and other harsh sectors. Addressing industry- and application-specific requirements has enabled use on marine diesels and in the EMC-sensitive area of a vessel’s bridge. Because the requirements are significantly greater for immunity to interference or emission of interference, along with superior mechanical performance in these sensitive areas, the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 XTR can readily meet the needs of other industries.


Process Automation

Protecting people, a clean environment and safe, trouble-free plant operation are particularly important to this sector. The possibility of use in hazardous locations is also a frequent requirement in the chemical, energy, gas and oil industries. The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 XTR is suitable for use in Zone 2 in order to process field signals in Zone 1 and Zone 0 via intrinsically safe I/O modules.


Energy Grids (Telecontrol Technology)

The main objective of the power generation and distribution industry is to ensure the reliable and safe supply of power. With an extensive product portfolio, WAGO offers customers a broad spectrum of application possibilities. These include: automating energy generation plants and energy distribution to safe remote solutions, as well as energy monitoring and control with I/O components for current and energy measurement technology.


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