Challenging Environments

The WAGO Power Supply Pro 2
Tough and Intelligent!

Anywhere, anyhow: You can rely on the Pro 2!

There are no bad conditions, just bad decisions: The WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 was built according to this slogan – and that pays off for you in multiple ways.
Surrounding air temperatures from −40 to +70°C? No problem – either at startup or during ongoing operation. Therefore, you don’t need individual solutions for different locations of use with different conditions, and your choice remains flexible – today, tomorrow and in the future. 
This also applies to locations of use in which impacts and vibrations occur frequently. The WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 stows everything away and does what it’s supposed to reliably: Keeping equipment and processes running. 
Overvoltage protection according to OVC III also reliably protects the input against transients.
Summary: Choosing the WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 opens up many possible uses in the long term.

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