Energy Data Acquisition: The Right Solution for Every Step

Are you just getting started with energy management, or are you ready to delve deeper to find further potential savings? WAGO always has the right solution for you.

For our modular energy data acquisition, we rely on an open and flexible system that you can easily install and extend. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a customized solution or want to use our standard solution.

Our contribution to your energy efficiency:

  • Our standard solution for many applications – energy data management without programming knowledge
  • Network analysis: Make your production run smoothly
  • Products: Energy measurement with 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules
  • Let's Jointly Develop and Implement Solutions that Meet Your Needs

Modular Energy Data Acquisition with WAGO

Our Offer to You

Our Standard Solution for Many Applications – Energy Data Management without Programming Knowledge

WAGO Energy Data Management easily records and manages energy data without any programming and can be upgraded at any time. Combining preconfigured hardware and user-friendly software into one package, WAGO's measurement system can be readily integrated into both systems and building technologies. In addition to energy-specific values, like electrical currents or voltages, many other measurements can also be recorded that are relevant for industrial and process technologies or for building applications. This gives you a comprehensive view of your company’s energy flows and production processes.

  • Easy parameterization of inputs using web visualization – no programming needed
  • Open and flexible: Connect any new or existing sensors to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM
  • Integrated visualization
  • Simple derivation of efficiency measures based on our energy monitoring
  • Transparent database of energy sources and influencing factors to fulfill energys assessment per ISO 50001
  • Cybersecurity: Custom settings, from port management to the firewall

Parameter Setting – Not Programming

Thanks to its modular structure, WAGO Energy Data Management will readily adapt to your needs and provide new insights into potential savings for your company in all domains and every phase.


Network Analysis: Make Your Production Run Smoothly

Poor voltage quality in a power grid within production facilities can lead to long downtimes, increased energy costs and premature machine wear. Harmonics are a significant cause of interference. They occur when loads that have non-linear voltage-current characteristics or non-stationary operating characteristics (switch-on or switch-off processes) are operated in an electrical grid. Many devices, such as computers and frequency converters, cannot tolerate voltages distorted by harmonics and go into fault condition. WAGO solutions allow you to avoid such problems.

  • Detailed network monitoring: WAGO's 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules integrated into the fieldbus-independent WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 collect and process all the relevant variables of a three-phase supply network.
  • The WAGO 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules can be integrated into pre-existing systems.
  • These metrics enable the operator to optimize supply to a drive or machine, preventing problems.
  • WAGO Energy Data Management is intended to be the basis for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance in smart factories.
  • A good basis for load management in the Smart Grid

Energy Measurement with 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 offers a comprehensive range of perfectly tuned solutions for your energy measurement applications.


Let's Jointly Develop and Implement Solutions that Meet Your Needs

Do you need energy data management that is tailored to your individual needs and can grow with you? No problem for WAGO. All the data is collected through the PFC200 and the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 with a specific solution customized for you. This process is appropriate for both the new construction of a system and retrofitting. We rely on an open and flexible system for measurement data acquisition–any sensors or signal conditioners can be incorporated. This flexibility allows us to operate in many scenarios: System operators, who already use their own energy management software, can easily increase the depth of their measurement points with our solution. But WAGO is also the right choice for companies that are just getting started with energy data management: Our experts are available to develop and implement a custom solution together with you. This gets you to your energy data management goal quickly and easily. Our Solution:

  • Open and flexible
  • Customized
  • Scalable
  • Economical
  • Perfect for nearly every industry

Topics and Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

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More Energy Management Solutions

WAGO supports you in maximizing your potential – from monitoring to identifying suitable measures.

Process Optimization via the Cloud

More and more companies are using cloud computing to either visualize and archive their energy and process data or are implementing artificial cloud intelligence to develop efficient operation and maintenance strategies based on these values. Cybersecurity is always an issue.


Energy Management per ISO 50001

As of October 2017, new ISO 50000 standard series requirements were enacted for energy management systems. Companies must now be more precise in documenting how they’re improving energy efficiency. We can show you how to meet these requirements – and provide the solutions to do so.

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