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Maintenance in Record Time

System wiring on drilling platforms is a major challenge. The WAGO-X-COM®S-SYSTEM reduces work on site to a minimum.

If an important technical component fails on an offshore drilling rig, the emergency is often dire. In most cases, a specialist has to be flown in as fast as possible via helicopter, and then often has to perform complicated repairs under extreme conditions. A prominent European drilling equipment manufacturer sought a maintenance-friendly and economical alternative, and developed a solution using components from the WAGO X-COM®S-SYSTEM.

Deck Handling and Cranes – This Is How WAGO Lends a Hand:

  • With the WAGO-X-COM®S-SYSTEM, system wiring on site is reduced to a minimum.
  • Exchanging individual modules of the rail-mount terminal block system is easy, fast and safe.
  • One to three rows of printable marking strips ensure unmistakable identification of individual sub-assemblies.

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The Story

Maintenance Work under Extreme Conditions

Unscheduled idle times are a significant problem, not just on drilling platforms. Maintaining equipment and systems is an expensive undertaking in marine and mining operations, and also at pump stations. Maintenance and upkeep at remote or difficult to access locations are obviously a great deal more complicated than usual servicing: Specialist technicians first have to undertake the journey out; they usually have to work under difficult conditions; then they have to analyze the error sources, often in small access spaces; and then perform comprehensive wiring tasks. Working under such conditions requires a great deal of time and is often prone to error.

Lower Maintenance Costs

One drilling equipment manufacturer grew tired of this major nuisance. And not just because their systems can only be reached via helicopter or plane, so transporting the technical personnel generated horrendous travel costs. Therefore, they sought control cabinet components that would enable a simple exchange of modules, minimize time and expense during system wiring, prevent mismating of wires from the outset, can be used in Ex areas, and should ultimately reduce the down times of sensitive equipment.


Clearly marked components facilitate safe and reliable installation, without the need for specialists.

Prefabricated Components Simplify Installation

The drilling equipment manufacturer found success at WAGO: The solution from the connection specialists from Minden is called the X-COM®S-SYSTEM. Equipped with the first pluggable rail-mount terminal blocks that provide the “Ex nA” protection type, complete modules can be exchanged easier and faster than before. WAGO’s approach followed the thought process of eliminating comprehensive on-site wiring installations, and replacing this with modules that are completely prefabricated. WAGO prefabricates the pluggable rail-mount terminal block system at the factory, so that system wiring on the drilling rig is reduced to a minimum and is massively simplified.

No Need for On-Site Experts

In order to eliminate the presence of a system specialist on site during servicing or setting up the system, WAGO can exclude mismating from the outset by mechanically coding terminals with identical pole groups, if the customer so desires. A shorter, factory-mounted lock makes accidental disconnection more difficult. Removing the female plugs is only possible using a tool, which provides additional safety, particularly for sensitive applications in hazardous areas. Because of its mechanical construction, the X-COM®S-SYSTEM provides touch-proof protection of the voltage-carrying components, even when disconnected. The highly detailed marking strips, with up to three printed lines of information, ensure clear identification of the replacement components. The module marking can be generated directly from the system documentation for initial installations or for later adaptations of the wiring.


WAGO's modular designs mean that important system components can arrive on site as pre-tested and pre-wired subassemblies for final installation, and that replacement parts can be stored at the point of installation as well.

Easy Replacement of Individual Modules

Because of the X-COM®S-SYSTEM, a new situation has been created for commissioning drilling rigs: Important system components can arrive on site as prefabricated parts that have already been tested by the manufacturer prior to final installation, and replacement parts can be stored on site as well. If a component fails, then it can be easily swapped out by the personnel on site. The defective part is then returned to the manufacturer for fault analysis. All in all, the new process not only reduces system down times, it also eliminates the costs associated with mobilizing a specialist who has to travel to the drilling platform.

Author: Benjamin Böhm

Photos: Getty Images by Digital Vision


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WAGO meets the current challenges of this industry with its comprehensive solution portfolio. Our components for marine applications stand up to the most extreme environments and provide many years of service.

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  • Bridge approval based on IEC EN 60945
  • Classified for extreme environments (approved for use in the engine room)
  • Low storage and training costs
  • Broad application scope for the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750
  • Simple, fast, affordable engineering

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