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Topics November 13, 2018
At the Center of it All: WAGO Cloud

The most important foundation for sustainable corporate behavior? Comprehensive information from all business divisions – from sales and purchasing, as well as production as the central part of the value-added chain. Up-to-date data from your machines, systems and processes is the essential prerequisite for implementing future technological changes and puts you one step ahead of the competition. Open automation technology from WAGO provides this information. WAGO Cloud allows access to it worldwide.

The benefits for you:

  • Access worldwide: Maintain an overview of everything, wherever and whenever.
  • Easy operation: WAGO Cloud requires no deep knowledge of IT.
  • Established platform: WAGO Cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure, so it offers the highest level of security, reliability and scaleability.
  • Flexible licensing model: You decide what functions you need and only pay for what you actually use.
  • Ready for immediate use: Connect your controllers to WAGO Cloud in a few minutes.
  • Tailored solutions: We provide support for application-specific adaptations as needed.

Overview of the Most Important Functions

Analyze data centrallyYour measured data can be represented graphically with the push of a button, for example as trend graphs, bar charts or pointer elements. This gives you a central overview of the information on all machines and systems.
Remote monitoringAccess to local configurations and visualizations of the PFC Controllers occurs through secure WAGO Cloud remote access. This allows you to control and monitor your production machines and systems from anywhere.
Always up-to-dateLoad applications, as well as the newest firmware, onto any number of PFC Controllers simultaneously with a few mouse clicks. You decide whether future software updates should be performed from the WAGO Cloud or manually on site.
Manage PFC ControllersConnect the PFC Controllers to WAGO Cloud within a few minutes and associate them with customers, sites and systems, for example. This allows you to manage the technical components of your decentralized automation.
Keep an eye on all your machinesSpecify alarm rules for controllers, connection statuses and applications individually. In the event of overrun or underrun of the specified limiting values, you receive an email notification immediately.
Export data flexiblyThe content from WAGO Cloud is available to you in other programs as well. You can use RESTful API, CSV and other export options to convert the data to the necessary format – manually or automatically.
Manage users and authorizationsEmployees with different kinds of know-how need different access rights. You decide who gets what WAGO Cloud permissions. Powerful user management supports you in the process.

Scalable Solutions: WAGO Cloud, Customized

In the vast majority of applications, the functions provided by WAGO Cloud suffice to model your processes digitally. Wherever an application-specific solution is indispensable to you, we’ll support you in implementing it.
With M&M Software as a member of the WAGO Group, WAGO has a partner for integrated development of industrial and technical software solutions.

As your partner, we examine the individual requirements of your company together and find the appropriate solution for you. Because the WAGO Cloud serves as the base platform, the actual expansion can start immediately. Based on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, the WAGO Cloud has a rapidly expanding number of services and tools to provide you with the perfect foundation for implementing application-specific solutions. We’re always ready to help. Please find additional information at: https://mm-software.com.



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