Construct control cabinets in a fraction of the time through simple manual wiring without tools: WAGO Push-in CAGE CLAMP® Technology allows you to reduce costs, increase the safety of your application and reduce the time and effort for control cabinet wiring by up to 50 percent.


Connect with Profitability

With Smart Designer, WAGO offers data consistency that pays off even after planning and design, in the wiring phase as well. Circuit diagrams, assembly plans and markings always come from one tool and one file.

And that has clear advantages:

  • Displays – whether on a monitor or tablet – replace printouts in production.
  • Everyone involved works from a file that is always updated to avoid errors and duplicated work.
  • The individual assignment of rights ensures that everyone only sees what is relevant to him or her.
  • Single point of proof: The file only can – and only needs to – be updated at one location.
  • Central data storage saves time wasted on comparing working documents.

Faster Wiring Means Reliable Wiring

Just plug it in – WAGO's Push-in CAGE CLAMP® technology gives you all the advantages:

  • Rapid wiring, which means maximum time and cost savings, thanks to reduced time and effort for connection – for most conductor types, no tools are even necessary.
  • Optimal wiring, which means no maintenance expense, since the conductors are always firmly secured.
  • Reliable wiring, which means maximum system availability with perfect connections.

WAGO in Application