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Flexible Automation Over Expensive Conversion

SkyPort became the new home of the Stuttgart Airport Authority (Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH – FSG) in the spring of 2016. Located in the heart of Stuttgart Airport City and directly adjacent to the terminal areas, this sustainable new building offers the authority a fully modernized infrastructure in the best location. WAGO's integral flexROOM® automation solution perfectly harmonizes lighting, sun protection and temperature control.

The SkyPort office and administration building at the Stuttgart International Airport is housed in a highly sustainable office complex. The open plan building covers 13,700 m² and offers working space for around 320 people. Around 250 of them are employees of the FSG and have offices located in the lower four floors. The two upper stories are rented out.

The entire architecture, including the new rooms, promotes an open and modern environment for the airport employees by allowing them to freely exchange information across departments. The new headquarters has earned a Gold certification according to the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and reflects FSG’s commitment to sustainability. Room technology was intelligently automated with flexROOM® from WAGO to optimize user energy requirements for maximum comfort.

Overview of WAGO Technology Used:

  • flexROOM® for the integral automation of lighting, sun protection and temperature control without programming

  • EnOcean radio technology for a wireless control unit connection

  • Building Automation “Application Controller” (750-884) for WAGO's flexROOM® applications

New Paths in Building Automation

The SkyPort’s modern architecture and sustainability aren’t its sole charms, the pioneering building automation systems also impress. It is the first building at the Stuttgart airport in which the process, measurement and control technology (PMC) extends all the way down to office communication. This pioneering step yields impressive flexibility. In the old building, it was incredibly time-consuming to move employees, for example, or change room use.

In a comparison between room automation systems from three manufacturers,flexROOM® (combined withEnOcean) won. The FSG's managers determined that WAGO's highly communicative system offered an incredibly easy and straightforward configuration. EnOcean scored additional points because a wireless operating device can be mounted anywhere.

Peter Schlang, Matthias Kolb and Thomas Kirschbaum pose in front of the Stuttgart airport, where they oversaw the SkyPort's building automation.

Flexible with flexROOM®

flexROOM® from WAGO is a versatile concept for building automation that harmonizes lighting, sun protection and single-room control. The concept is based on the spatial axes of a building. The building automation functions are divided into zones – not conventional rooms. All the necessary functions for sun shading, lighting control and individual room controls are already preprogrammed in the associated software application. To change office layouts, an FSG workshop employee no longer needs to worry about time-consuming reprogramming. New settings can be made easily via a web-based user interface, which can be accessed from virtually any terminal device.

The 750-884 Application Controller from WAGO was developed specifically to run the WAGO flexROOM® applications and is the core of the SkyPort building automation.

Integral Automation

Peter Nägele GmbH Elektotechnik won the contract to install the building systems. The company, headquartered in Süßen, Württemberg, focuses on electrical installations, data technology, security systems and building automation. Multiple flexROOM® units are installed in sub-distribution panels in the utility rooms on each floor. The lights, presence sensors and brightness detectors are controlled via DALI. The operating devices are controlled via the IT network using Ethernet TCP/IP. The EnOcean wireless technology integrated into the distribution boxes wirelessly connects the buttons for lighting and sun protection, along with those for the HVAC systems' control units.

Sunblind Controllers Track the Sun’s Position for Greater Comfort

The sunblind control, which tracks the sun's position, was particularly fascinating to the employees – especially those in a corner office with northeastern exposure. The blinds in this office lower at sunrise and gradually rise, depending on the level of illumination set in the configuration. The position of the blinds, and thus the brightness in the offices, is adjusted according to the defined illuminance. This ensures that the lighting is always the same in the offices, as the sun's movement illuminates the building evenly from the inside.

Sun blind control that tracks the sun's position is important in automating the SkyPort in Stuttgart.

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