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Software Engineering Tools

The right engineering environment can save money and time. WAGO offers here a wide range of products and the right tool for every application.

Your benefits with WAGO's Engineering-Tools:

  • Integrated tools
  • The right tool for every task
  • Open to proven standards
  • In tune with familiar work flows
  • State-of-the-art technologies and interfaces

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CODESYS V3 is the manufacturer-independent software platform for project engineering according IEC 61131-3. This engineering tool combines the standard programming of a control application with the possibilities of professional software engineering for automation devices within the Industrie 4.0 or IIoT environment.


Quickly implementing complex machine functions is critical in modern mechanical engineering applications. WAGO’s PC-based e!COCKPIT engineering software supports you throughout all development steps. Our engineering software shortens development time for automation projects and boasts a modern, clearly organized user interface.


Our pre-made, tried-and-tested software function blocks expedite development. Here you can access the libraries for engineering the WAGO Controllers.


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WAGO Analytics

When it comes to optimizing a system, the challenges lie in improving and quantifying knowledge of the process and incorporating the results back into the process. WAGO Analytics supports you from data acquisition to analysis and creates intuitive visualizations of dependencies in the systems. The interrelationships it uncovers can be incorporated into the processes, allowing you to exploit potential for optimization.



WAGO Solution Builder

Engineering software tailored to building automation gives you an integrated, efficient way to create solutions throughout the entire life cycle of your building. You have the option of setting up all your projects on a Web interface.



Optimum performance and availability for machines and equipment: Thanks to their ultra-high performance, low power consumption, numerous interfaces, space-saving design and high level of reliability, WAGO’s user-friendly programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are the cost-effective automation solution for numerous applications.


Whether industry, process or building automation, every sector and industry has specific requirements. Therefore, plug-ins specifically customized for the needs of individual industries are available in addition to WAGO's software portfolio. For example, these plug-ins can be used to measure energy or easily configure a DALI network.

  • OPC UA Mapping Editor
  • WAGO IO-Link Configurator
  • SMI Configurator
  • BACnet® Configurator
  • KNX Configurator
  • Modbus®

Compatible with Our Software Solutions

I/O Systems

I/O Systems That are Ready to Use Anywhere

Whether inside or outside the control cabinet, WAGO’s I/O Systems provide automation right where you need it – even under harsh conditions.

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Controllers for Cost-Effective Control

Control tasks large and small must be cost-effective. WAGO has the right PLC in its product line for every challenge and requirement.

Industrial Internet of Things


For Tomorrow's Industry

Our industrial world is being disrupted at an ever-accelerating rate. Digitalization, and the myriad transformative processes therein, continue to move apace as well. With solutions for cloud connectivity, IIoT and smart automation, WAGO has helped our partners shape the future while keeping a constant scrutinizing eye on current advances in cybersecurity and safety.

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