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Building Automation

The Key to Green Buildings

User comfort, efficiency and security – today's buildings must fulfill these needs. This requires intelligent automation technology that controls, regulates and monitors all building functions. Building automation is therefore indispensable in non-residential buildings – and simultaneously forms the basis for green buildings. With its comprehensive range of solutions and services, WAGO is your reliable partner for the planning, commissioning and ongoing operation of buildings.

Building automation has been gaining importance for years. Not least because, thanks to continuous progress in digitalization and increasing innovation speed, ever greater comfort and efficiency gains can be achieved. Especially in the building sector, political guidelines – such as the EPBD or Renovation wave – are also pushing smart solutions forward. In line with the motto: Green Buildings are Smart Buildings.

The most important prerequisite for a sustainable and thus intelligent building is that all components are networked and can communicate with one another. Standardized, safe automation technology is crucial.

In order to meet these developments and requirements in a future-proof manner, holistic and flexible solutions are required. These solutions will ensure cross-industry planning, commissioning and efficient operation of buildings, as well as partners who support with project experience and technological know-how in every phase of the building life cycle.

At WAGO, you get all this from one source: from hardware to software to consulting and service.

Benefit from Our Expertise:

  • Your partner: WAGO is a solution provider for modular, integrative building automation systems.

  • Expertise: We have many years of experience in developing system solutions that simplify your work and make your buildings more transparent. 

  • Flexibility: From standardized to individual, project-specific solutions – WAGO is your reliable contact and consultant for planning and commissioning building services. 

  • Strong network: With our WAGO Solution Provider program, we unite project-specific clients and implementation experts.

Comprehensive Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

Whether for office and administration buildings, production facilities and warehouses, infrastructure buildings or retail stores – click through our interactive world of smart buildings and get to know our solutions for a wide range of applications.

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Our Portfolio for Your Sustainable Building

Green buildings are smart buildings that are characterized by the optimal networking of the various building systems in a digital, sustainable building ecosystem. With our technologies, solutions and services, you are set up in a future-proof manner today – for buildings that meet the demands of investors, operators, facility managers and users, today and tomorrow.

What We Develop for You:

  • GA libraries, system macros and prefabricated, standardized application solutions for the simple and efficient commissioning of building services systems
  • Individual building and system automation solutions for sustainable, energy-efficient and comfortable building operation
  • Project-specific integration solutions for all common protocols in building automation for conveniently interconnecting all building systems and ensuring their optimum interaction

What We Offer You:

  • Programmable logic controllers with numerous interfaces for a wide variety of control tasks
  • Hardware concepts based on the WAGO I/O Systems 750 for your flexible and fully integrated building automation solution
  • Tools and software for holistic and efficient engineering, such as our WAGO Solution Builder
  • Switches for reliable and secure data traffic
  • Touch panels and displays for demanding control and visualization tasks
  • On request, already configured in your individual control cabinet solution

Our Standardized System Solutions for Your Application

Customizable on request, according to project

Central Building Management

Digitalization of facility management offers great potential for efficiency improvement. WAGO Cloud’s “Building Operation and Control” offers a great way to get started with managing and monitoring distributed properties with local infrastructure and decentralized systems from a central point – all in a single package.

Automation Without Programming

Integrated Room Automation

flexROOM®, the scalable room automation solution from WAGO, provides lighting, sun protection and temperature control without any programming.


Lighting Management

WAGO Lighting Management is the sophisticated solution for lighting control in large spaces such as production facilities and warehouses. Using a combination of predefined hardware and user-friendly software, WAGO offers a lighting management system that facilitates design and commissioning of new lighting systems while providing numerous additional advantages for their operation.


Energy Data Management

WAGO Energy Data Management, consisting of software combined with a modular control system, records measurement data of different media and parameters for energy monitoring and processes them for further analyses, archiving and reporting.