Effective Upgrade: A Plug-In Makes WAGO Controllers IoT-Ready

Using a simple MQTT software upgrade, any WAGO PFC can be transformed into an IoT controller with cloud connectivity.

Your benefits:

  • Distributed data acquisition and visualization from anywhere
  • Connect to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or IBM Bluemix using a standardized MQTT protocol
  • High level of security thanks to TLS encryption
  • Connect the field level directly to a cloud
  • Expansion of existing systems with the PFC as an IoT gateway
  • Available for all PFCs

Flexible Use at the Turn of a Hand

In just a few simple steps, both WAGO PFC100 and PFC200 Controllers can be transformed into an IoT device by installing a firmware upgrade and programming an IEC application with the corresponding library. Status information such as Run/Stop, connection status, device information, and variables defined in the IEC program can then be transmitted to the cloud and visualized. The customer can decide whether the controller sends data to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or IBM Bluemix. Links to third-party solutions will also be feasible thanks to the standardized MQTT protocol. Data is transmitted as JSON files and the link encrypted with TLS.

Upgrade Online - It's Easy

The user can easily run an upgrade in the Web browser using WAGO’s Web-Based Management (WBM) system. Libraries for CODESYS 2.3 and e!COCKPIT (CODESYS 3) are also included. The cloud connection data is also configured using WBM. The variables that will be transferred to the cloud can be defined using the IEC program – the programmer is always in control.

The MQTT software extension is available as a beta release for the PFC family as of May 2017 upon request.

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Product Overview