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Whether new construction, refurbishment or renovation: Building automation is the key to implementing sustainable resource- and energy-efficient buildings.
System integration is the most important foundation for achieving these goals.

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Applications for Building Automation and Installation

Whether you are planning lighting installations and automation in your office building, retrofitting an HVAC system or involved with room automation, WAGO helps you implement your requirements in buildings.

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24 May 2019

Lighting Scenes with Digital Multiplex (DMX)

The DMX function enables lighting control applications and greater versatility.


EnOcean – Battery-Free Radio Technology for Buildings

EnOcean provides the greatest convenience paired with low energy consumption. Easily control, for example, lights and blinds wirelessly with EnOcean radio modules – for technically and aesthetically innovative concepts in building automation.


Fast Communication between Automation and Field Devices: MODBUS

The MODBUS protocol is a communication protocol based on master/slave or client/server architecture. The primary purpose of the protocol is facilitating reliable, fast communication between automation and field devices.

KNX: The Standard in Home and Building System Technology

KNX is a uniform, manufacturer-independent communication protocol for intelligently networking state-of-the-art home and building system technologies. KNX is used to plan and control energy-efficient solutions for more functionality and convenience while simultaneously reducing energy costs.

Easy Automation with LonWorks®

LonWorks® is an open and interoperable system for building automation and is characterized by its flexible topology and cross-system functions.


BACnet: Manufacturer-Independent Building Control

“Building Automation and Control Networks” (BACnet) is a data transfer protocol for building automation and control. BACnet simplifies communication between products from different manufacturers within building automation.

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