News 31 August 2020
Increased Touch Protection for Easily Accessible Areas

WAGO's Line of WINSTA® MINI Installation Connectors Offers IP40 Protection

Small, compact and now touch-proof: All connectors in WAGO's WINSTA® MINI Pluggable Connection System are now available with IP40 protection. WAGO's compact installation connectors, which impress with their small size and tool-free actuation, are ready for duty in highly accessible areas, including shops, trade fair construction or even furniture making.

Increasing touch protection to IP40 shields the user from contact with the products’ live parts – even if tools with small tips (diameter greater than 1 mm) are used. Increased safety makes the WINSTA® MINI Connectors perfect for installations in which electrical components are readily accessible to all, including laypersons. Deployments include installations in the event technology sector, retail and shop operations or laboratory equipment. Applications in the tightest areas, such as luminaires installed in furniture or sockets and charging stations integrated in furniture, will also benefit from the newly touch-proof connectors.

The WINSTA® MINI family, designed for a nominal current of 16 A, makes electrical installations in confined spaces pluggable, addressing the growing trend of miniaturization. In addition to various connectors, the WINSTA® MINI family also includes both distribution connectors and pre-assembled cables. The increased protection against accidental contact is achieved with modified strain relief housings. The change optimally complements the portfolio for applications in easily accessible areas; it’s also possible to make 3-pole MIDI connectors touch-safe by using the IP2XD strain relief housing.

Your Benefits:

    • IP40 protection for all connectors of the WINSTA® MINI family
    • Compact design for conductors with a cross-section up to 1.5 mm2
    • Easy, tool-free operation
    • Wide range of coding options

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