News November 22, 2018
Measurement – Directly at the Infeed
Current Transformer with a Voltage Tap
for 2-Conductor Through Terminal Block 185 mm2 (350 kcmil)

Ready for compact installations, a new model completes WAGO's series of current transformers with voltage taps. In addition to the 50 mm2 (1/0 AWG) and 95 mm2 (4/0 AWG) versions, a current transformer with voltage tap for WAGO's 185 mm2 (350 kcmil) through terminal block is now also available, making it perfect for measuring energy in small spaces.

Easier than Ever Before

This combination of current transformer and voltage tap has the same width as WAGO's 2-conductor through terminal block and requires hardly any additional cabinet space. The tap is plugged directly into the jumper slot of the terminal block for quick and easy assembly.

The integrated current transformer has a transmission ratio of 350 A/1 A and fulfills the accuracy class 0.5 per DIN EN 61869-2. In the redundant voltage path, a fuse with detector is integrated to protect connected measurement devices. Connections for both a transformer short circuit and neutral point jumper are provided at the current outputs.

At a Glance:

  • Same overall width as 2-conductor through terminal blocks

  • Easy assembly – plug the tap directly into the terminal block’s jumper slot

  • No additional terminal block assemblies required for transformer short circuit and neutral point jumper

  • Fuse-protected voltage path protects downstream measurement devices


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