Digital Engineering

WAGO provides you with all the data, software tools and interfaces you need for your processes – from electrical and mechanical planning, to ordering and production of configured products, to individual products.

Whether control cabinet engineering, building planning or circuit board design: WAGO offers tailor-made solutions for your requirements that expedite your processes.

Information on Digital Engineering



Efficient Data Management with More Than 18,000 Administration Shells

In addition to the standard data formats, administration shells are now also available to permanently simplify cost-intensive data acquisition and management. Asset Administration Shells (AAS) allow users to download a large amount of information and data using a single data format and manage it efficiently and continuously. WAGO currently provides more than 18,000 administration shells for its rail-mount terminal block portfolio, which are easily downloadable.

Data, Software Tools and Interfaces

Our CAE interfaces to our partners EPLAN, WSCAD and ZUKEN make it easy for you to digitalize your engineering process in the control cabinet.

Listen Now: Podcast on Digitalization in Electrical Engineering

What exactly is digitalization in electrical engineering, why is it necessary, and what are the benefits? Sven Rasser, our expert for digital twins, and Monika Zwettler, editor at konstruktionspraxis, answer these questions – and more – in the konstruktionspraxis podcast – the podcast for designers and developers.

Engineering Processes

Overview of Our Services

1. Planning (CAE)

Plan your projects in an engineering system or in WAGOe!COCKPIT. Your data is loaded directly into the Smart Designer configurator.

elektrische Planung_CAE_800x800.jpg

2. Configuring with Smart Designer

With WAGO Smart Designer, the configurator for WAGO electrical connection and automation technology products, we offer you worldwide access to projects, available at any time, without installation.


3. Design (CAD)

WAGO offers an extensive product portfolio of downloadable items. From here, WAGO CAD product data can be transferred quickly and easily into customers’ designs. Whether 2D or 3D data, in a neutral CAD format or in the user’s CAD system format, the online portal meets these needs.

4. Marking

With perfectly tuned hardware and software, WAGO provides high-performance, customized marking solutions.
WAGO offers you the thermal transfer Smart Printer for any control cabinet marking application: Depending on how you work, you have the option of printing markings from a large variety of systems.


5. Classification

WAGO supports your digital business processes with technical and commercial product data that is machine-readable and system-compatible. It is based on standards like eCl@ss (basic/advanced) or ETIM.


Request Your Custom Solution Now!

In addition to advice and tools to optimize your own processes, we plan your custom solution for you and with you on a controller or edge device. Contact us!

Tailored solutions for your application – it doesn’t matter if it’s a custom control cabinet or a software solution for the energy, building and industrial sectors.

What We Offer You:

・ Experience as a practical solution provider
・ Integrated solutions from a single source
・ Scalability for growing standard and special hardware and software solutions


Why Should You Rely on WAGO for Control Cabinet Manufacturing?

As a control cabinet manufacturer, you face the challenge of constantly optimizing your processes – while taking the increasing demands on networked and integrated systems into account. How competitive and economical you remain is ultimately determined by your level of expertise in conjunction with the efficiency of your manufacturing process.

We offer you efficient, sophisticated products and solutions, such as power supplies, PLCs, rail-mount terminals blocks and many more that support all your work processes, from planning and project design, to testing and commissioning.

WAGO offers innovative solutions that support users from planning and project design to testing and commissioning.

WAGO Customer Applications

Digital Engineering at Work

From Project Design to the Finished Product

Data transparency along the entire value chain reduces costs. WAGO offers “Digital Engineering” for horizontal integration.

Digital Engineering

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