News October 11, 2018
WAGO PFC200 Controllers with New EtherCAT® Master Functional Range

Now incorporating EtherCAT® capability, WAGO has significantly increased the application scope for its second generation of PFC200 Controllers. Fundamentally revised for extended capability, fieldbus configuration represents a tremendous advantage for programmers.

New Generation

It was important for the developers to support the EtherCAT® fieldbus, which significantly increases the number of field devices that can be addressed and widens the PFC200 Controller’s application range. The new version now allows any EtherCAT® slave to be integrated into a PFC200-based control system. With the ability to comprehensively configure the fieldbus, the PFC200’s new developments represent a tremendous innovation: Programmers can specify which bus system should be supported with their existing hardware – nothing new is required.

Anticipated availability: March 2019

At a Glance:

  • EtherCAT® slaves can be integrated into PFC control systems and controlled from WAGO's PFC Controller.

  • EtherCAT® Master can be configured for all second-generation PFC200 versions.

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