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On the following pages you will find information on the most common service questions. If the question you are looking for is not listed – then contact us by phone or leave us a message.

Most customers want to know...

I am a new customer – how do I place orders/what do I need to know?

You can send us your first order via email. We will then create a WAGO customer account for you and store all conditions, as well as payment and delivery terms, stated in advance there. With your first order, we need you to include the current valid VAT ID you have for use with the revenue authority.

How can I reference a condition project with WAGO in an online order?

In your Web shop shopping cart, you have the option of selecting a project that was concluded and created previously. Your online order is then processed with reference to the selected project and the corresponding terms.

Do I need to register in order to place orders in the Web shop?

Yes – as a general rule, in order to place orders via the Web shop, you must be registered for it and have a WAGO customer account.

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Is there an online form I can use for ordering?

No – you can place online orders directly on our website once you have registered.

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What are the advantages of a three-phase power supply over a single-phase one with the same output current?

In Germany and the rest of Europe, three-phase power supplies are often used to provide 24 VDC power to control cabinets. The load can be evenly distributed among the three phases, the N conductor is not loaded, and power supply operation can be maintained even if one phase fails.
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What shipping options does WAGO offer?

Within Germany, WAGO standard delivery is via parcel service; for 150 kg and above, via freight forwarder. Upon request, we offer express delivery for an additional fee, with guaranteed delivery within 24 h of when the order ships.

Why is my purchase price identical to the list price?

In this case, the product is not eligible for discount, or no terms have been set up for it. Please use the request function to get an individual quotation for these products.

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How do I place orders with WAGO?

The easiest way to place orders with WAGO is directly online. Register now. If you are interested in an EDI connection, you can find more information here:
Conventional order processing is also possible, of course ( Please note that the surcharge for small quantities is lower for Web shop and EDI processing.

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Can I compare products to each other?

You can compare up to three products to each other simultaneously. To do so, click the “Compare” button next to the desired products; this adds the product to the comparison list. To open the comparison list, click the button on the top right next to the shopping cart. In the comparison list, you will then find a direct comparison of the product characteristics; differences are highlighted directly for you.

What should I do if I cannot find the product I want on line?

If you are looking for a product that is not included in WAGO’s standard selection, you can add it to your shopping cart using the “Add products directly” function by entering the exact item number. Please note that the “Add products directly” function is only available to users who are logged in. However, it is also possible that the products are no longer available. In this case, please contact Sales.

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Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management