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On the following pages you will find information on the most common service questions. If the question you are looking for is not listed – then contact us by phone or leave us a message.

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What are the advantages of a three-phase power supply over a single-phase one with the same output current?

In Germany and the rest of Europe, three-phase power supplies are often used to provide 24 VDC power to control cabinets. The load can be evenly distributed among the three phases, the N conductor is not loaded, and power supply operation can be maintained even if one phase fails.
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What shipping options does WAGO offer?

Within Germany, WAGO standard delivery is via parcel service; for 150 kg and above, via freight forwarder. Upon request, we offer express delivery for an additional fee, with guaranteed delivery within 24 h of when the order ships.

How long does shipping take?

Once the order ships, the transit time for domestic shipments is 24–48 hours. Upon request, we offer express delivery for an additional fee, with guaranteed delivery within 24 h of when the order ships.

Why was the payment method of my order changed to “Payment in Advance?”

We reserve the right to perform a credit check for the orders. Negative payment behavior in the past can also result in the payment terms being changed to payment in advance.

How do I pay in advance?

As soon as the order has been placed in our system, you will receive a request for payment in advance. Your item will be sent once payment is received, as long as it is available for delivery.

Can I save multiple delivery addresses with WAGO?

Yes – you can have WAGO permanently save multiple delivery addresses. If you are registered with the Web shop, use the function under “My Account/Delivery address” to manage your addresses.

Will I receive my delivery as a partial or complete delivery?

For multi-item orders, you will normally receive partial deliveries from us, divided up according to logistic criteria, on different delivery dates, if you want different delivery dates or we confirm them for you. Upon request, we will be happy to specify that your orders should always be shipped as complete deliveries.

How do I have my order delivered to a different country?

Please contact customer service in this regard.

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Can I arrange delivery on a preferred date?

Yes – you can arrange delivery on a preferred date with us. WAGO always strives to deliver by your preferred date. Even if we do not confirm the preferred date, we will still attempt to expedite the shipment.

Can I save my default delivery address?

Yes – you can have WAGO permanently save your default delivery address. To do so, please send your default delivery address to Customer Service.

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