WAGO I/O System 750/753 Item no. 750-523

1-channel relay output; AC 250 V; 16 A; Potential-free; 1 make contact

Item no. 750-523
1-channel relay output
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This relay module switches a connected actuator or load. The 24 VDC supply is derived from the power jumper contacts to trigger the relays.

The switched status of the relay is shown by the manual switch (1/0). The operating mode can be set using a manual/automatic selector switch. The mode status is indicated by an LED and via status bits in the process image.

Manual: Coil triggering is interrupted. Operation is only possible via the red manual operating switch.

Auto: The relay is operated via the control system. Manual status changeover via manual operating switch is canceled by the control system in less than 500 ms.

The manual switch can also be used without 24 V supply to switch the output ON.

The relay meets both international standards of IEC and DIN EN 61810 part 1 /VDE 0435 part 201, as well as overload and short circuit requirements of IEC and DIN EN 61036 /61037.