WAGO I/O System 750/753 Item no. 750-652

RS-232/485 Serial Interface

Item no. 750-652
RS-232/485 Serial Interface
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This serial interface module connects RS‐485/-422 or RS-232 C interface devices to the WAGO I/O System 750. It also provides gateways between the serial interface and the fieldbus systems supported by the WAGO I/O System 750. No higher protocol level is required by the module. Communication to the associated fieldbus master is completely transparent, which provides a wide range of applications for the serial interface module. If required, communication protocols can be configured via fieldbus master.

The 2560-byte input buffer provides high data baud rates. At lower baud rates, the data received in lower priority tasks is evaluated without data loss.

The 512-byte output buffer provides fast transmission of larger data strings.

The module can be configured via WAGO-I/O-CHECK or GSD files. Both flexible baud rate and data width selection perfectly adapt to the application.