Item no. 207-1331

Gelbox; for cables; Branch; with gel; 221, 2273 Series; without splicing connectors; Size 1; gray

Item no. 207-1331
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Note on Packaging Unit (PU) and Subpackaging Unit (SPU):
If you order a full PU, you will receive our eco-friendly, sustainable cardboard blisters packed in a shelf-ready box.
If you order a quantity smaller than a full PU, you will receive the eco-friendly, sustainable cardboard blisters without a shelf-ready box.

Please note the system description for the splicing connectors that can be used.

The Benefits for You:
  • Easy, fast and safe to use
  • Can be used immediately and accessed again later
  • Silicon-free
  • Label-free
  • Suitable for indefinite storage
  • The complete system consisting of Gelboxes and WAGO connectors has been VDE-tested and IPX8-certified.