Component Modules

Whether in rail-mount terminal blocks or on PCBs, electronic components such as resistors, diodes or LEDs offer a wide variety of possible applications.

In addition, customer-specific applications can be mapped individually.

Your Benefits:

  • Coordinated WAGO marking systems available
  • Different versions available
  • Proven connection technology
  • Special functions such as manual operation
  • Custom solutions can be mapped

Component Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

Our component rail-mount terminal blocks allow the integration of important functions such as level adjustments or system protection, saving space and providing the same profile as with through terminal blocks. Our available range of products includes terminal blocks with diodes, resistors and protective components.

Your Benefits:

  • Basic electrical functions integrated into through terminal blocks
  • Same profile for easy commoning via through rail-mount terminal blocks
  • Coordinated WAGO marking systems available
  • Different designs available (double-deck, 2-,3-, 4-wire connection)

Additional component modules

For standard tasks such as switching, decoupling and level adjustments, suitable component modules from WAGO are the first choice. Modules for self-assembly can be tailored to the application.

Your Benefits:

  • Proven connection technology
  • Custom and customized module assembly
  • Multi-channel module configuration

Specialty Electronics

Our product portfolio helps you complete your application. Tailored to your specific needs, a wide range of products supports you in systematic potential distribution, for example. The following types of products are available in this category:

  • Potential Distribution Modules
  • Manually Operated Relay Modules
  • Additional electronic modules

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