Interface Modules and System Wiring

Wire individual components of your equipment quickly, easily and systematically – whether for automation, or at the interconnection point between control cabinet wiring and a standard interface such as RS-232. As system and control cabinet solutions become more and more complex, this approach saves time and money on planning, installation and commissioning. Take advantage of the diverse product portfolio of universal interface modules and system wiring, as well as controller-specific components.

Here you can already find a large number of manufacturers whose control systems can be wired conveniently with WAGO's system cables.

Your Benefits:

  • Reliable, fault-free connection of individual components
  • Pre-assembled system cables for fast wiring
  • Marking options for clear identification

Product Overview

Our Products for Interface Modules and System Wiring

Controller-Specific Interface Modules and System Cables

On the next pages you will find all the information on our controller-specific interface modules and system cables. With our solutions, you can connect your preferred automation system quickly and easily. For this purpose, we offer solutions for all major manufacturers of automation systems.

Universal Interface Modules

WAGO’s interface modules offer you reliable, maintenance-free connections for flexible signal wiring. They connect electronics to electrical systems on the control level and handle signal transmission and distribution on the control and field levels (system, machine). Here, the control signals from pre-assembled, plug-in connections, such as RJ-45 and RS-232, as well as common ribbon cables, are applied to terminal block connections.

Your Benefits:

  • Economical, time-saving configuration and calculation thanks to a reduction in the wiring modules needed
  • Fast wiring, commissioning and troubleshooting thanks to clearly organized wiring and pole marking
  • Reliable, maintenance-free connection of signal lines via reliable terminal blocks equipped with CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology
  • High-density wiring saves control cabinet space

Universal System Cables

WAGO’s system wiring for universal components supports you with quick installation, assembly and maintenance. Choose the right interface from our broad selection of products – whether RJ-45, RS-232 or other universal connection components.

Your Benefits:

  • Fast, simple connection between connection levels (sensors and actuators) and controller
  • Also available with open cable ends for greater flexibility in system planning
  • Pre-assembled interface cables save time

All Products

Discover the diversity of WAGO’s system wiring products.


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