Maximum Security at Maximum Speed: Single-Channel Electronic Circuit Breakers

WAGO's new single-channel ECBs reliably protect your systems against over-current and short-circuiting. The secondary-side fusing will trigger even in the event of a low over-current that falls within the EN 60204 conditions, thus making it possible to use a cost-effective basic network device. Triggering occurs after just 4 ms in the event of a hard short-circuit.

Your benefits:

  • 24 VDC / in five versions for nominal current of: 1 A (787-2861/100-0000), 2 A (787-2861/200-0000), 4 A (787-2861/400-0000), 6 A (787-2861/600-0000), 8 A (787-2861/800-0000)
  • With devices color coded according to nominal current
  • An extremely slimline design
  • Switch-on capacity: >50,000 µF
  • Wide ambient temperature range: −25 … +70°C (−13 … +158°F)
  • Resetting, on/off switching directly on the module or remotely via digital input signal
  • Triggered signal output can also be combined as a group signal for up to 30 devices
  • Approvals: CE, UL 61010, UL 2367

Product Overview

Wide, Flexible Range of Applications

These ECBs can be used in a wide range of applications and are ideal for secondary-side fusing with long lines or small cable cross-sections in which miniature circuit breakers and melting fuses cannot be triggered. Thanks to their digital input, WAGO's ECBs can also be used as electronic relays to switch loads on and off remotely. Machine and equipment manufacturers frequently use ECBs to reliably neutralize a ground fault in the control circuit within a defined time period according to EN 60204. ECBs are often chosen over safety fuses for equipment protection on account of their high level of accuracy.

Furthermore, ECBs can be reliably and flexibly used in ambient operating temperatures ranging from −25°C to +70°C – even under extreme conditions.
WAGO's new ECBs are modular and enable direct input voltage commoning with minimum wiring, while simplifying input voltage connection to WAGO 857 and 2857 Series units. Signal inputs and outputs can also be combined into sum signals by using jumpers.

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