Absolute Voltage Guarantee

9 May 2020
Four New Products for Uninterruptible Power Supply

Dropouts in the control voltage may cause failures and data loss. This drove WAGO to develop its UPS charger/controller, capacitive buffer module and pure lead battery module as four powerful products that reliably stabilize control voltages up to a maximum 40 A.

WAGO's UPS charger and controller uses a battery-based buffer solution, requiring only one charger/controller for large load currents up to 40 A. This solution enables faster battery charging via high charging currents that can be set in 1 to 4 A steps to properly suit battery capacity.

The new pure lead battery modules for the UPS are characterized by their wide operating temperature range of −40 to 60°C (−40 … 140°F) as well as their high current resistance: High charging currents of up to 4 A expedite charging. This means that the battery modules provide maximum reliability – and will do so for up to ten years.

WAGO's capacitive buffer modules prevent short power failures. They also buffer 40 A load currents over 300 ms and 5 A currents up to 6.6 s. In addition, the modules prevent undefined states for PLC, HMI and IPC via hard shutdown when the buffer voltage drops below 20 VDC.

Overview of Benefits

  • Buffering large load currents, each with only one charger/controller and buffer unit

  • Durable, fast-charging battery modules are perfect for challenging ambient temperatures.

  • Hard buffer unit shutdown ensures safe data retention.

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