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Solutions for your tasks

Put light in the limelight with our connection technology: for example for the installation of technical luminaires, for LED modules or specific solutions, for example for trunking systems.

A Diverse Product Range for Your LED Connections

The right product for all of your LED connections: Experience WAGO’s lighting connection products in action. Whether for terminal blocks for LED modules, drivers or mains connections – with WAGO, you have the right partner at your side!

Products for Your Lights

Discover our lighting connection products through example of a recessed ceiling light. Simply click through to learn more: Whether connectors, PCB terminal blocks for drivers, SMD PCB terminal blocks for LED modules or inline splicing connectors – with WAGO, you can always find the right accessories for your lights.


WINSTA Snap-in

WINSTA Snap-in

  • With directly pluggable light connection, WINSTA® enables fast, safe, error-free installation.
  • Guaranteed protection against mismating of the pluggable connectors through mechanical and color coding options
  • Simple troubleshooting and quick replacement of pluggable connected lights

221 Series Inline Splicing Connectors

221 Series Inline Splicing Connectors

  • Inline connection of solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors from 0.2 to 4 mm²
  • Tool-free connection and disconnection thanks to convenient lever technology
  • Use a mounting carrier for fixed and multi-pole wiring

Driver with 250 Series

Driver with 250 Series

  • Simple, secure connection of solid conductors via Push-in CAGE CLAMP® termination
  • Custom color combinations for clear connection identification
  • Easily terminate and remove flexible conductors by pushing the button

733 Series Pluggable Connector

733 Series Pluggable Connector

  • Compact pluggable connectors with close pin spacing save space
  • Conductors are always securely clamped via spring pressure connection technology
  • 100 % protection against mismating

LED Module with 2065 Series

LED Module with 2065 Series

  • Compact design minimizes on-board LED shadowing
  • Terminate solid conductors via Push-in CAGE CLAMP®
  • Insert fine-stranded conductors and remove all conductor types via operating tool

Lighting Management

Why use WAGO?

  • Maximize every potential for savings! With proper lighting management, you can reduce your energy consumption for lighting by up to 70%.
  • Applications: office buildings, production facilities, logistics centers
  • Fast lighting implementations via PFC200 Controller and DALI protocol
  • Easy configuration and commissioning via standard Web browser
  • Easy to operate and control

New Products

Secure Pluggable Connections Easily

Secure Attachment with the WAGO WINSTA® Mounting Carrier for Flying Leads

With the new mounting carrier for the 770 and 771 Series, WAGO has the perfect solution to reliably secure flying leads. The WINSTA® Mounting Carrier for 2- to 5-pole flying leads secures attachments and simplifies connector removal. Use screws up to M5 or tools for direct installation with a standard mount to secure the adapter to panels. The adapter can also be fitted to cable trays and ducts.

The Benefits for You:

  • Fixed-position installation of the plug-in connection
  • Reduced vibrations for the plug-in connection
  • No damage to connector components and cables
  • Quick installation and easy replacement of the pre-assembled cables

Item Number: 770-310

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