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of Logistics Processes

For custom requirements on optimized delivery service, we’ll work with you to find a way to meet your needs. We’ll develop a tailored solution step by step with you.

You Win with Our Flexibility

  • Collaborative Logistics Analysis
  • Logistics as a Quality Criterion


Adapting Logistics to Your Needs

Shipment Processing

In order to make efficient use of shipping units, in the shipping process we consolidate deliveries into sensible collective shipments.

Carriers/Shipping Methods

WAGO only uses premium shipping companies to send your order and chooses a shipping service that is optimized for the structure of the shipment.

Shipping Boxes and Containers

We offer a large number of packaging options for optimal shipping of your goods.

Delivery Conditions

Upon request, we can offer fixed delivery days and times.

Shipping Optimization

Analysis of the shipment structure to adjust the delivery frequency and automatic modification of the shipping service according to the shipment size


Upon request, we will notify you by email of outgoing orders with our notification/packing list.

Express or Special Shipments

If you have special shipments or time-sensitive deliveries, contact us.

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