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Control According to Sensors: MP-Bus

The MP-Bus controls HVAC actuators for dampers, regulator valves or VAV air volume controls.

The actuators have connections for sensors (temperature, humidity, ON/OFF switches), which are also accessible via MP-Bus.

System features:

  • Actuation of up to eight drives possible from MP-Master via the M-Bus.
  • It is possible to connect one active or passive sensor and one switch to the MFT2/MP drive.
  • No line topology limitations: Star, ring, tree or mixed configurations are possible.
  • Data exchange between master and slaves is possible, e.g.: absolute/relative volumetric flow, minimum/maximum limits, angular position, sensor value, operating status and fault messages.

The Standard for Motor Control: SMI

The Standard Motor Interface (SMI) is the standardized electrical interface for roller shutter and sunblind drives.


The Standard in Lighting Control – DALI

The “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface” (DALI) is a communication protocol for lighting applications in buildings.


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