Topics 13 February 2023
Optimal Compliance with Security Requirements with WAGO

Development Processes Certified per IEC 62443-4-1

In many sectors, IT security and cybersecurity are playing a more and more important role. This is especially true of critical infrastructure, failure of which would result in sustained supply bottlenecks or significantly disrupt public safety. Examples include systems in energy, water, wastewater and transport infrastructure industries, along with the financial sector and the food supply chain. In addition to the actual equipment and systems, buildings such as logistics centers and cold storage warehouses also need to be considered.
Suitable security technologies and standards, such as the IEC 62443 standard, now need to be introduced rapidly in industrial companies. To do so, WAGO relies on Siemens’ experience, which is why it hired Siemens Advanta Consulting as a partner.

As shown in the image, Bernd Eickhoff, WAGO Project Manager, and Dr. Christopher Tebbe, Security Technology Manager, are pleased about the certification. (from left to right)

The Benefits for You:

  • Development processes certified per IEC 62443-4-1
  • For both hardware and software
  • WAGO products enable “security by design”

Finding Solutions Together

“For us as Siemens Advanta Consulting, it is crucial to work together with WAGO to find ways to meet the extensive requirements that apply in product development processes and help both to create safe products and to keep an eye on profitability and performance in product development. In IT security, the challenge lies in integrating the necessary process steps into product development efficiently and seamlessly. To do so, we can draw on many years of experience in translating standards into practical, viable processes.”

Aresu Behdjati, Associate Vice President, Siemens Advanta Consulting

Security by Design

To ensure that customers can meet high security standards, WAGO has had the development processes certified per IEC 62443-4-1. This applies to the development of both hardware and software. In line with the “security by design” principle, the aim is for the products not to represent vulnerabilities in a customer’s overall solution. When using these products, customers can implement equipment and systems with a corresponding level of security. Thus certification of the secure development process per IEC 62443-4-1 is the basis for meeting state-of-the-art security requirements. TÜV NORD agrees and congratulates WAGO on the certification.

Modern Cybersecurity Standards

“We congratulate WAGO on successfully passing the certification testing. The relatively recent IEC 62443 standard has quickly become established as the internationally recognized benchmark for proof of compliance for the industrial security environment in the process and automation industry. In addition to classic conformity assessments based on safety, performance and energy efficiency, cybersecurity is playing a more and more important role. With this certification, WAGO now has official proof that the company meets modern cybersecurity standards for industrial automation systems. In this context, WAGO has even received certification from TÜV NORD in two accreditation classes (national DAkkS and international IECEE), which ensures not only acceptance in Europe, but also comprehensive global recognition.”

Matthias Springer, Head of Functional Safety & Security at TÜV NORD CERT & Frank Bruhnsen, Head of Railway Control & Safety Technology at TÜV NORD Systems

With the new certification, WAGO once again demonstrates the premium it places on security.