LoRaWAN – The Easiest Way into the IoT World with the Cross-Industry All-Rounder Solution

LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is characterized by efficient radio technology and easy implementation: Power data is recorded using different sensors and then distributed to gateways in the desired area. For this purpose, ranges can be realized in urban areas of around 2 km and in rural areas of up to 10 km. The received data packets are then forwarded to the LoRaWAN network server and evaluated and analyzed with the appropriate software. Thanks to optimal building penetration and low hardware and maintenance costs, it is ideal for smart city projects.

At a Glance

Choose between a ready-made and customizable solution or customize your LoRaWAN solution yourself with our WAGO Edge Computer.

Discover and benefit from:

  • Edge Computing
  • Wide range
  • High immunity to interference
  • Cost savings

Comparing Solutions for LoRaWan




Do it yourself solution

WAGO IoT partner solution with energielenker

WAGO IoT partner solution with SmartMakers


Solution type

Cost-effective DIY solution

Ready-made solution with support

Customizable overall solution with support

Know-how requiredDeveloperUserEngineer
ScalabilitySuitable for island networksSuitable for island networksSuitable for large networks – Wide Area Network (WAN)

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Using LoRaWAN Sensors in Smart Cities and Smart Energies

The use of LoRaWAN ensures the area of a smart city. Thanks to its wide range and high fault resistance, LoRaWAN is used in a wide variety of applications.

Typical applications include parking space monitoring, air quality measurements, fill level measurements of waste containers and energy data acquisition and control of street lighting.


Using LoRaWAN Sensors in Industrial Applications and Large Properties

With the LoRaWAN Edge Software Stack on the WAGO Edge Computer, the IT and OT environments are now merging. Transmitting data from machines and systems is often too resource-intensive. The established solution: Edge Computing.

This concept combines the advantages of decentralized cloud architectures with local network architectures, allowing, for example, exclusively critical data to be transferred to the cloud.

The LoRaWAN Solution for Buildings and Industry for Independent Integration

Use the WAGO Edge Computer to set up your own LoRaWAN packet forwarder and network server!

This variant allows you the greatest freedom and is also very cost-sensitive. Appropriate know-how is required for the independent installation of the LoRa card and for the software and instructions in the GitHub Repo.

Automation Components as Subscribers in the LoRaWAN

Using the example of the WAGO PFC, data can be received via Modbus RTU and sent to the LoRaWAN adapter. A total of up to eight data points are available.