Item no. 8003-099/750-8212

Starterkit; Linux®

Item no. 8003-099/750-8212
Starterkit; Linux®;
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With the PFC200 Controller as its central component, the Linux® Starter Kit provides an entry to the world of open programming. In addition to its scalability through the open-source community, the primary advantage of having a controller with an open-source operating system is that it is continually being developed further and maintained.
Besides the PFC200, other components of the starter kit include input and output modules, a power supply, a switching module and the accessories needed to start programming immediately with Linux®.
Additional information on Linux® is available at:
The Linux® advanced Starter Kit includes:
  • PFC200 Controller; 2nd generation; 2 x ETHERNET, RS-232/-485: 750-8212
  • 2-Channel Digital Input; 24 VDC; 3 ms: 750-400
  • 2-Channel Digital Output; 24 VDC; 0.5 A: 750-501
  • End Module: 750-600
  • Classic Power Supply; 24 VDC output voltage; 1 A: 787-1602
  • Switching Module; 2-way DI simulator: 288-863
  • Operating Tool; Type 1; (3.5 x 0.5) mm blade: 210-720
  • Operating Tool; Type 1; (2.5 x 0.4) mm blade: 210-719
  • Patch Cable; 1.0 m