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Batteries, power-to-gas and power-to-heat systems promote power supply independence, free up the power grid and incorporate the mobility and heat sectors in climate protection – and all rely on WAGO controllers.

Storage systems capture excess energy and release it when necessary. This allows them to increase private consumption of solar by households and companies, to cap demanding current peaks and to supply operating reserves to compensate for short-term fluctuations on the grid. WAGO technology allows control of storage systems.

Home Storage Systems: Connect Batteries Quickly While Minimizing Space

The market for home storage systems is not only being stimulated by homeowners seeking to reduce their use of electricity from the grid by a combination of photovoltaic and battery storage. Suppliers also drive the sales of equipment as they can develop new business models. If batteries are sold together with solar modules and they are interconnected as a swarm, grid load can be reduced. WAGO provides the solution for installation of home storage. WAGO TOPJOB®S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks can connect the system to a home's power distribution system.

Batteries Are in Demand; Researchers Optimize Them

Local Grid, Large and Industrial Storage Systems: Reducing Peak Loads

Local grid storage systems regulate the voltage in a low-voltage grid to a preset value. A clear rise in voltage is concerning – especially at lunch time when photovoltaics are running at full speed. Using local network storage that takes in excess energy is an alternative to feeding it into the medium voltage level and to expanding the local network. In the evening or when the sky is overcast, the stored energy can be fed back into the grid. Load peaks in the network can be reduced. In addition, the grid operator can provide system services through the storage system such as operating reserves to generate additional revenue.

Mass storage systems are primarily used for frequency regulation. Transmission grid operators can supply operating reserves. If the mains frequency within Europe's integrated grid system spikes due to excess energy, the storage systems take in energy. If the frequency falls because too little energy is generated, the storage systems release energy.

Industrial storage units cover capacities from a few kilowatt hours to several megawatt hours. Industrial storage units are primarily used to stabilize networks and among other purposes, are used in virtual networks to cap load peaks; i.e., Peak Shaving,” for load management and for combination with volatile generators, such as wind turbines and controllable consumers. They are also used as sources for electric filling stations, where solar energy can be obtained around the clock.

WAGO technology is used for safe, space-saving storage unit connection. Our telecontrollers are applied as gateways for access to the energy network. Various sensors on the field level can connect to the Internet via these gateways and make their data accessible on the cloud. These are the advantages of WAGO Controllers as a central element of measurement and control technology:

  • WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 is ideal in the distribution grid, e.g., for serial communication with inverters or for 3-phase power measurement.
  • Convenient measurement and monitoring of generation or consumption rates (e.g., voltage, reactive power, active power, current, cos φ, frequency and energy flow direction)
  • Generation and load management
  • Integration of the Battery Management System (BMS) via CAN or MODBUS into the controller
  • Programmable controller per IEC 61131 or Linux® platform
  • Bundling supply rates by adaptation to central control systems
  • Connection to external market participants, such as suppliers and public utilities, direct marketers or virtual power plants via telecontrol in accordance with IEC 60870-5-101, -103 /-104, 61400-25, 61850-7-420, DNP3, VHPready
  • Cybersecurity: PFC100/PFC200 Controllers comply with current IT security regulations for grid operators and can be hardened as described in the BDEW white paper.
  • Cloud connectivity: Connection to the cloud thanks to an MQTT software upgrade

Industrial storage systems feed charging stations.

Power-to-X: Safely Converting Electricity to Heat and Gas

If power is stored not only for short, but over longer periods, power-to-heat and power-to-gas systems are available. They convert excess power to heat and into storable hydrogen and methane. These products can be stored in the existing natural gas network that supplies heating systems, power stations and gas stations. Power-to-heat is ideal for use in applications generating high amounts of heat, e.g., district heating grids. Power-to-gas systems and electrolyzers also work if a dense network of hydrogen filling stations is planned in a region or reliable access to the natural gas network is available. Advantages of WAGO's telecontrol solution:

  • Connection of generators and heat accumulators via controller; grid-connected integration of electrolyzers for storing large amounts of electricity
  • Multiple interfaces: PROFIBUS, CAN, Ethernet IP, IEC 60870/61400/61850, MODBUS, etc.
  • Convenient measurement and monitoring of generator/accumulator parameters, e.g., active power, temperature and storage volume; regulation of process values, such as pressure regulators and product gas separators with explosion-proof modules
  • Integration of current consumption forecasts and weather data
  • Programmable per IEC 60870-5-101/-103/-104, 61400-25, 61850-7-420 and DNP3
  • Easy parameter setting via configurator
  • Scalable via more than 500 different I/O modules for many applications, e.g., 3-phase power measurement for grid analysis
  • Cybersecurity: PFC100/PFC200 Controllers comply with current IT security regulations for grid operators and can be hardened as described in the BDEW white paper.
  • Cloud connectivity: Connection to the cloud thanks to an MQTT software upgrade
  • Standard I/O modules and intrinsically safe Ex modules in one controller (in a corresponding Ex housing depending on installation site)

Researchers at ZAE Bayern test the electrolysis.

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December 4, 2018

Digital – Down to the Fingertips

PLM, ERP, MES – In the industries of the future, software technologies like these will be increasingly used to digitize and automate ordering and production processes. No business headed for smart factory technology can afford to be without them. The people at WAGO, based in Minden, Germany have realized this, too. As early as 2000, the company began to comprehensively digitize its value added chain. Today, the manufacturer of electrical interconnection and automation products not only saves on paper, it also decides when and where orders will be processed in a fully automated manner. This is especially relevant, not only when shipping in-stock items, but also when producing custom products for customers.

December 4, 2018

“We improve consistency and data transparency along the value added chain.“

Interview regarding control cabinet manufacturing with Simone Brinkmann-Tewes, manager of smartData Engineering at Wago Kontakttechnik

December 4, 2018
Customer application

Savings with Spring Clamp Terminals

When the automotive company wants to reduce costs, the suppliers must also react. F.EE builds control cabinets for a number of OEMs, and the compact WAGO spring pressure connection technology facilitates the work. The company, located in the Upper Palatinate, has relied on the innovative clamping technology since the 80s.

December 4, 2018
Customer application

The Trend toward Compact Power Plants

2G Energy AG exploits a number of application areas for cogeneration plants with their g-box. The compact systems are tailored to be profitable small power plants, with an electrical output range from 20 to 50 kW, for use in small hotels, industrial operations, or apartment blocks. The CHP specialists from western Münster have designed the quiet turnkey module for coupling power and heat to be particularly lean. Completely assembled DIN-rails from WAGO are used for the electronics connections.
December 4, 2018
Customer application

Installation and Service Are Simpler

The times of clearly delineated machine rooms at the head of shaft systems are coming to an end in residential and commercial buildings. The structural volume allocated for modern elevators is being increasingly reduced. Spatial efficiency is everything. The technology has moved from the machine housings to the shafts, namely to those areas where there is still free space. Janzhoff Aufzüge, specialists in elevators and escalators, use the TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Block System from WAGO for handling the dramatically increased level of data strings involved. By using the associated marking system, they have achieved additional efficiencies during installation and servicing.
November 19, 2018

New MCS MAXI 6 Connectors with Levers – Field Wiring in Next to No Time

The MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM (MCS) expands: WAGO's new MCS MAXI 6 line of pluggable connectors can terminate 10 mm2 (8 AWG) conductors and has integrated levers, making fast and convenient wiring possible.

WAGO Power Engineering Solutions:

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