Mission: Future Current – with WAGO Application Grid Gateway

The Path to Energy Transition with the Digital Substation

The importance of a stable grid is more critical than ever. Challenges are growing. Decentralized generators, the mobility transition, Redispatch 2.0 and electrification of the sectors – all of these cause fluctuations in the grid. Stable grids need transparency. WAGO Application Grid Gateway provides clarity, together with hardware and software components, to the digital substation, which knows what happens in the grid at any time.

Your Benefits:

  • Grid status assessments via live data
  • For new substations or for retrofitting
  • Easy parameterization and updating via software interface
  • Compliant with critical infrastructures (KRITIS)/hardened per BDEW White Paper

Grid Management and Operation – Optimize Now

WAGO digitizes old and new substations by simply parameterizing them. The software is based on a mature, field-proven hardware concept. In the process, the PLC stores and transmits measurement data to the grid control system at a second rate. Medium-voltage, transformer and low-voltage output data, as well as position messages and temperatures are transmitted via the IEC 60870-5-104 telecontrol protocol. External measurement technology can be easily parameterized for a multitude of additional data and commands – such as short circuit and ground fault direction indicators or power quality measurements.

In this way, up to two transformers with 17 low-voltage outputs each can be transparently recorded in one substation.

WAGO Application Grid Gateway provides customized patch and device management that manages many distributed telecontrol devices. The application enables updates, configuration changes, security patches and firmware changes, among other things, and is compliant with critical infrastructures (KRITIS).

Benefits at a Glance

Data Hub

WAGO Application Grid Gateway is the data hub in the substation. Data is collected, forwarded and connected to form a controllable whole.


Start small with the option of quitting big? WAGO Application Grid Gateway is scalable. Few components provide an overview – right down to the big picture.


360 degrees of transparency in the substation? WAGO Application Grid Gateway stands for integrated solutions. A wide selection of available additional applications ensures this.


WAGO Application Grid Gateway is open: for measurement media, for connections, for other manufacturers – and, despite its openness, remains as secure as Fort Knox.

A Look at the Software

NEW: Power Quality Measurements per EN 50160

WAGO Application Grid Gateway's plug-and-play solution offers additional benefits with A. Eberle's devices and direct WinPQ database connection via an encrypted protocol. This allows, among other things, important limiting value violations for operations to be transferred directly to the SCADA system. Like the client, the Modbus TCP server gives the entire station technology access. The IEC 60870-5-104 Server and IEC 60870-5-101 Clients are available in two versions. Faults are forwarded directly by the WAGO Application Grid Gateway V2.4 as an interface between the field level and control center – both individually and as a group message.

Grid Monitoring

The WAGO Grid Monitoring App: Relevant Grid Parameters and Expansion Strategy Optimization at a Glance

Additional Applications

Accurate Medium-Voltage Calculation – without Resistive Couplers

WAGO Application Medium Voltage Calculation enables precise medium voltage calculation – without resistive couplers in the accuracy class of 1.5 percent. This eliminates the need for expensive resistive couplers or ohmic medium-voltage sensors.

VRDT: Control the Step Switch – Without Additional Hardware

WAGO Application Voltage Regulating Distribution Transformer (VRDT) remotely connects the VRDT to dynamically adjust the voltage value between the medium and low-voltage network – without an additional, separate control unit.

Customized Hardware Configuration

The hardware compatible with the WAGO Application Grid Gateway is a PFC200. The second-generation WAGO Telecontroller is a programmable logic controller (PLC) with various interfaces. It is freely programmable per IEC 61131 on the one hand, and also enables additional open-source programming on the Linux® operating system on the other. The PLC is modularly expandable, durable and well-established in industry. Digital input and output modules for controlling a medium-voltage switchgear unit can be connected in series. In order to make the low-voltage grid at the transformer output of the substation transparent, the measurement technology required for this can be easily retrofitted for both the transformer and low-voltage outputs.

WAGO supports you with custom system solutions on the path to digital substations.

Mission On Future Current with WAGO

Your Partner for the Energy Transition

Wherever new technologies need to be integrated into existing grids, WAGO makes a crucial contribution to progress. Tens of thousands of substations have already been successfully digitized with the WAGO Application Grid Gateway.

WAGO also upholds a high standard of quality when applying its problem-solving expertise to critical infrastructure applications. WAGO relies on tried-and-tested standards from international standards. Network operators and industrial customers benefit from tailored, pragmatic solutions, especially when the energy industry is facing profound changes.

  • Compliant with critical infrastructures (KRITIS)
  • Meets requirements according to § 14a EnWG
  • Supports Redispatch 2.0
  • IEC 61158 Modbus/TCP
  • IEC 61850, IEC 60870, DNP3
  • IEC 61131-3 Programmability
  • Linux® operating system
  • WAGO Energy Data Management Use key performance indicators (KPIs) to achieve ISO 50001

Three Steps to the Digital Substation

Planning and Offering

Together, we develop the right solution for your individual challenge.

Custom Solution

Whether existing or new substations: The free test is the latest convincing solution.


Commissioning starts by simply parameterizing the data flow into the control center.

The features for WAGO Grid Gateway enable the network-oriented control required for this. From load flow analysis, to the voltage regulating distribution transformer (VRDT), to power quality for dynamic load management, the current version of the Grid Gateway 2.0 contains all the templates required for grid analysis.

At first glance, the decisive advantages lie in the data collection and controllability of the grid. At a second glance, the digitalization of a substation eliminates grid expansion and indicates precisely where there is a real need for action.

The WAGO systems work per the critical infrastructures (KRITIS). All data is encrypted or transmitted via a VPN tunnel.

Existing stations also benefit from the possibilities offered by the WAGO Grid Gateway. They can be quickly and easily retrofitted without much effort.

Basically, WAGO Grid Gateway is brand-open. As a rule, existing systems can be integrated without problems. We would be happy to examine how an individual solution can look.

As an established family-owned company and industrial partner, WAGO guarantees a long-term partnership that is reliable, sustainable and flexible.